NHM Staff Nurse and ANM Recruitment in AP 2017 Apply Now

NHM Staff Nurse and ANM Recruitment in ARUNACHAL PRADESH 2017 Apply Now

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GOVERNMENT OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH OFFICE OF THE MISSION DIRECTORATE NATIONAL HEALTH MISSION NAHARLAGUN  Invites applications for the post of Staff Nurse and ANM and other many staff Apply Now. Recruitment Details Are Given below see here----

⏩NHM Staff Nurse and ANM Recruitment in ARUNACHAL PRADESH 2017 Details

Official website ;- http://www.nrhmarunachal.gov.in/  

Name of Post 

1. STAFF NURSE -                  70 POST

2. ANM          -                         49 POST

Eligibility criteria;-

For Staff  Nurse ;-

Essential ;-

1. Minimum General Nursing-cum-Midwifery (GNM) course from recognized institution
2. Registered as General Nurse and Midwife (GNM)

Desirable;-   Working experience as GNM

For  ANM ;-

Essential ;-          
 Minimum ANM/Female Health Worker course from recognized institution

Desirable;-   Working experience as ANM

Nature of service;-

For Staff  Nurse ;-              Contractual

For  ANM ;-                       Contractual   

Term of service;-

For Staff  Nurse ;-      1 (one) year or up to financial year-end, whichever is earlier

For  ANM ;-               1 (one) year or up to financial year-end, whichever is earlier


For Staff  Nurse ;-   Consolidated remuneration of Rs. 20200/- per month

For  ANM ;-                Consolidated remuneration of Rs. 12700 per month

Job responsibilities;-

For Staff  Nurse ;- 

a) To improve RCH services
b) To conduct and promote institutional deliveries.
c) To improve service records ANC / PNC
d) Screening and referral of RTI cases

e) To promote essential obstetric care services
f) To promote emergency obstetric care services
g) To carry out other duties assigned.

Specific tasks;-
a) To improve institutional delivery services
b) To assess and assist essential obstetric care services
c) To assess and assist emergency obstetric care services
d) To assess and assist ANC / PNC services
e) To screen and refer for RTI cases
f) To supervise the work of LHV and ANM, Additional ANM etc.
g) To assist in-charge of PHC in respect of safe motherhood interventions
h) To assist the consultant doctor in safe motherhood interventions
i) To conform to the decorum prescribed for staff nurses including wearing of uniform
j) To carry out other duties assigned

For  ANM ;-

a) To provide focused attention to safe motherhood and child survival
b) To help in providing essential obstetric care services.
c) To carry out all duties of ANM assigned for defined area

Specific tasks;-
a) To carry out duties relating to maternal & child health
b) To carryout duties relating to family planning
c) To identify the women requiring help for medical termination of pregnancy and refer them to nearest approved institution.
d) To educate community of the consequences of septic abortion and inform them about the availability of services for medical termination of pregnancy.

e) To identify cases of malnutrition among infants and young children ( 0-5 years), give the necessary care and advice and refer serious cases to the Primary Health Centre.
f) To distribute Iron and Folic Acid tablets as prescribed to pregnant and nursing mothers, infants and young children (0-5 years) and family planning acceptors.
g) To administer Vitamin A solution as prescribed to children.
h) To educate community about nutritious diet for mother and children.
i) To carry out duties relating to Universal immunization Programme and expanded programme of immunization.
j) To carry out duties assigned under diarrhea and ARI control Programme.
k) To enlist Dais in her area and involve them in promoting RCG Programme.
l) To cooperate with AWWs in carrying out MCH activities
m) To monitor, supervise and coordinate with the activities of ASHAs
n) To coordinate with Village Health & Sanitation Committee and Panchayat in carrying out health and sanitation activities

Appointing & termination authority;-

For Staff  Nurse ;- Mission Director, National Health Mission

For  ANM ;-   Mission Director, National Health Mission

Posting place;-

For Staff  Nurse ;-  District Hospital/CHC/PHC

For  ANM ;-          Sub-Centre/ PHC

Last Date of Application submission ;-    25 September 2017

Application Submission Adress ;-       

The Office of the Mission Directorate, 
Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, 
C- Sector, Naharlagun

General conditions & information:-

1 Willing candidates having requisite qualification as per ToR mentioned in the website advt. can apply in plain paper with attested copies of all testimonial and 2 Nos. recent passport size photograph and submit to the Office of the Mission Directorate, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, C- Sector, Naharlagun on or before 25th September’2017 at 4.PM. and top of the envelope should be mentioned for the applied post. 

2 Application received after the closing date & time or incomplete in any respect will be rejected.

3 Any application or representation submitting before the interview is not to be entertained. All those candidates who have applied before on their own or otherwise need to apply afresh.

4 Reservation for APST candidates will be as per Govt. norms.

5 The Applicants shall have no claim in future for regular appointment in the post

6 Whose application found correct in all forms will be displayed in the office Notice board. No individual   call letter for written test/interview will be issued to any candidate.

7 No TA/DA will be admissible for appearing in the interviews,

8 The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all applications without assigning any reason there of.

For More Details About Recruitment Download Notification and other details given below



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 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY GOA  inviting  Applications on the prescribed Application Form are invited from Indian nationals for the following Non-teaching position to be considered either for direct recruitment or on standard Deputation / Foreign Service terms basis at IIT Goa:Post Details, No. of posts / category,official notification ,application form and  Essential Qualification and Experience etc are given below.



  1. Assistant Registrar-03 posts UR
  2. Library Officer-01 post UR
  3. Medical Officer-01 post UR
  4. Junior Staff Nurse-01 post UR
  5. Junior Lab Assistant-02 posts UR
  6. Junior Assistant-05 post UR-4,OBC-1
  7. Junior Engineer-02 posts UR
  8. Junior Superintendent-05 posts UR-4,OBC-1
  9. System Administrator-01 post  UR 



Number of posts: 01(UR)

Pay Band: 9300-34800 (PB2) Grade Pay: Rs.4200

Application mode:     offline 

Type of vacancy:  All positions are initially on a contract period for three years

Essential Qualification and Experience:
 10+2 pass and qualified through the examination held by the Nursing Council with three years course in General Nursing and Midwifery with relevant experience of three years after the course, in a recognized hospital. OR B.Sc. (Nursing) with relevant experience of one year after the degree in a hospital recognized by the Central or State Nursing Council

Last date of application :
                                       The last date for receiving the applications along with self-attested copies of certificates in the Institute will be 15th September 2017 6pm. No applications will be entertained thereafter. Institute will not be responsible for any postal delay. 

Instructions and General conditions :
Candidates desirous to apply for more than one post should apply for each post separately,

The applications submitted on the prescribed format shall only be entertained and considered

Canvassing in any form will be a disqualification.

 Candidates seeking reservation benefits available for OBC (NCL) must be in possession of the certificates in the format prescribed by GOI in support of their claim at the time of application
Application fee Rs. 50/- (non-refundable) should be paid for each post separately through a Demand Draft in favour of ‘Registrar IIT Goa’ payable at SBI, Mumbai. No fee will be charged from SC/ST, PwD & Women candidates.

The candidates fulfilling the laid down eligibility criteria may submit their application on the prescribed Application Form along with the self-certified certificates in support of age, educational qualifications and experience etc.; prescribed application fee; and latest passport size photograph to; Recruitment Cell, Administration Section, Main Building, Indian Institute of Technology Goa at Goa Engineering college campus, Farmagudi, Ponda 403401 Goa, India The envelope should be superscribed as “Application for the post of (_________________)".

Other instruction and general conditions are given in official notification of the institute.
Download official notification and APPLICATION FORM now from below-

Click here for official Notification Download 




                            STAFF NURSE EXAM MODEL QUESTION PAPER-4

Time: 50 Minutes                                                                               Total Questions:50

Q.1. Which of the following vein is not a branch of portal vein ?
    A. Spleenicvein
    B. Superior mesiantric
    C. Gastric vein
    D. Hepatic vein✓

Q.2. Which layer is responsible for vaso contraction and dilation
 of artery ?
    A. Tunica intima
    B. Tunica media✓
    C. Tunica externa (tunica adventia )
    D. All of above


Q.3. A Normal female who's father is is hemophiliac, marry a
 Normal male,the probability of male child to becoming hemophiliac?
    A. 0%
    B. 25%
    C. 50%✓
    D. 75%


Q.4. Which type of hemophilia is most common ?
    A. Classical hemophilia ( hemophilia A)√
    B. Hemophilia B
    C. Both A and B common 
    D none of them


Q.5. Chelation therapy used in a patient with Thallessamia patient,
the nurse knows that this therapy is used ??
    A. To Treat anemia
    B. To treat hemolysis
    C. To treat jaundice
    D. To treat iron over load✓


Q.6.Cooley's Anemia is also known as ?
    A. Alfa thallessemia
    B. Beta thallessemia*✓
    C. Sickle cell Anemia
    D. Hemophilia

Q.7. If patents blood group is Rh+ then possibility of Rh- blood
 group in children?
    A. 25%✓
    B. 0%
    C. 50%
    D. 75%


Q.8. Which Anticoagulant is A Natural anticoagulant?
    A. Heparin✓
    B. Warfarin
    C. EDTA
    D. Citrate

Q.9.  MCV (means corpuscular volume indicates ;
    A. Amount of RBC
    B. SiZe of RBC✓
    C. Amount of HB
    D. Number of WBC


Q.10.. Morphology of RBC in Megaloblastic anemia ?
    A. Macrocytic& hypochromic✓
    B. Macrocytic& normochromic
    C. Microcytic & hypochromic
    D. Normocytic & Normochromic


Q. 11. Largest blood cell?
    B. Monocyte
    C. Platelets 
    D. Basophill

    A. RBC

Q. 12. Which of the following is characteristics feature of ALL
    A. They have lobed nucleus 
    B. They have Nucleated ✓
    C. They are phagocytic in nature 
    D. They have cytoplasmic granules


Q. 13. Widest skeleton muscle ?
    A. Gluteus muscle 
    B. Stapedius muscle 
    C. Sartorius muscle 
    D. Latissmus dorsi✓

Q.14.Strongest skeleton muscle ?
    A. Gluteus muscle 
    B. Stapedius muscle 
    C. Sartorius muscle 
    D. Masseter ✓


Q.15. Longest skeleton muscle ?
    A. Gluteus muscle 
    B. Stapedius muscle 
    C. Sartorius muscle ✓
    D. Masseter ...




Q. 18. Which of the following is a example of false connective tissue ?

    A. Bone
    B. Blood✓
    C. Cartilage
    D. None of them

Q. 19. Maximum transverse diameter of fetal skull  is ?
A. Biparital diameter ✓
B. Bitemporal diameter 
C. Bi mastoid diameter 
D. None of them

Q.20 . Maximum anterio-posterior diameter of fetal head is??
A. Subocciputo-bregmetic
B. Subocciputo-frontalis 
C. Mento-vertical✓
D. Submento-bregmetic 


Q.21. Detrusor Muscles are find in ?
    A. Ureter 
    B. Urethra 
    C. Urinary bladder✓

    D. Uterus

Q.22. Normal adult urine Output per day?
    A. 1000ml
    B. 1500ml✓
    C. 2000ml

    D. 2500ml

Q.23. KUB Radiography is a X-Ray of?
    A. Kidneys,ureters and bladder.✓
    B. Kidneys,urrthra and bladder.
    C. Kidneys,ureter and bones.

    D. Kidneys,uterus and bladder.
Q. 24.. VANILLYLMANDELIC Acid (VMA) test is performed
 to diagnose ?
    A. Pheochromocytoma
    B. Kidney tumor 
    C. Bladder cancer 

    D. CRF
: Q.25.commest cause of abruptio Placentae ?
A. Hypertensive disorder in pregnancy ✓
B. Trauma 
C. Short umbilical cord 
D. Premature rupture of membranE

 Q.26 Which type of placenta previa is known as dangerous
 placenta previa ?
A. Type 1st 
B. Type 2nd posterior✓
C. Type 3rd 
D. Type 4th 
 Q. 27.When the placenta is implanted in lower uterine segment
 but does not reaches to the internal OS; it is ??
A. Low laying placenta previa ✓
B. Marginal placenta previa 
C. Partial placenta previa 
D. Complete placenta previa
 Q 28. Which of the following is not A absolute indication
 of Cesarean Section (C.S.)
A. Central placenta previa 
B. Contracted pelvis 
C. Vaginal stenosi
D. Previous C.S✓
 Q.29. Which stage of labour is Known as " GOLDEN PERIOD OF LABOUR" ?
A. First stage 
B. Second stage 
C. 3rd stage 
D. 4th stage✓
Q.3o.. Tongue bite is common in which phase of seizure ?
A. Pre monitory phase 
B. Tonic phase 
C. Clonic phase ✓
D. Stage of coma  
Q. 31. . Most important parameter of modified bishops
 scoring system ?
A. Head station 
B. Cervical dilatation✓
C. Consistency
D. Position

 Q. 32. Fertilization of two different ova released in different
 menstrual cycle,is known as ?
A. Super feuandation 
B. Super fetation ✓
C. Fetus acardius 
D. Fetus vanishing 
Q.33. 4P" related to labour are given below ; which word denotes the uterine contraction ?
A. Power ✓
B. Passage 
C. Passenger 
C. Psyche     
 Q.34 A pregnant lady comes in antenatal unit first time and reports
 thats she have vaginal discharges,abdominal distension and
 expulsion of vesicles (grapes like). Doctor suggest USG, on USG
 there is snow stome appearance (or honeycomb appearance ).
According to USG report most likely diagnosis is?
A. Choriocarcinoma 
B. Invasive mole 
C. Placental side tumor 
D. Hydatidiform   mole✓   
 Q.35. When 5 fetus develops in uterus it is known as ?
A. Quadruplets pregnancy 
B. Quintuplets pregnancy ✓
C. Sextupletes pregnancy 
D. Pantuplets pregnancy

 Q. 36. Most common form of tubal pregnancy in ectopic pregnancy ?
A. Interstitial
B. Isthmus 
C. Ampula✓
D. Infundibular      
 Q. 37. Most common type of ectopic pregnancy ?
A. Ovarian pregnancy 
B. Tubal pregnancy ✓
C. Abdominal pregnancy 
D. Cervical pregnancy
 Q. 38. Under MTP Act- 1971,consent needed of  ?
A. Husband 
C. Legal guardian 
D. Parents

 Q. 39. Which of the following is a humanitarian indication of MTP  ??
A. Rape in minor girls ,major girls and Lunatic mother✓
B. Contraception failure in married couple 
C. Fetus with structural,chromosomal and functuonal disorder 
D. Conditions which make life of mother in danger     
Q. 40. MTP act passed by parliament in which year??
A. 1975
B. 1971 ✓
C. 1972 
D. 1977 
 Q.41. Metroplasty (for adhesion removal) is done in which type of
 abortion ?
A. Missed abortion 
B. Complete abortion 
D. Threatened abortion

 Q.42. Most common cause of habitual abortion in 2nd trimester ??
A. Incompetent  internal OS ✓
B. Genetic abnormalities 
C. Trauma to uterus 
D. Drugs

RATIONALS: Correct Answer is A 

Most common cause of habitual abortion in first trimester is genetic abnormalities 
And in second trimester Incompetent internal os is most common.
Q. 43. When the fundus and cervix comes down but remain in vagina;
which type of inversion of uterus ;
A. First degree 
B. Second degree✓
C. Third degree 
D. Forth degree
 Q. 44. Rule 30" is used in ?
B. PPH ✓
C. Retention of placenta 
D. Shock 

Q.45. Most common cause of PPH ?
A. Trauma 
C. Blood coagulation disorder 
D. APH          
Q. 46. Ovulations accurs in lactating woman after delivery as soon as;
A. 4 weeks 
B. 10 weeks✓
C. 3 weeks 
D. 6 weeks

RATIONALS:  Correct Answer is B 10 weeks 

In non lactating women ovulation can accurs as soon as 4 WEEKS and in  LACTATING women ovulation accurs by 10 weeks. 

Breast feeding is a NATURAL CONTRACEPTION method which offers 98% Protection.
Q.47.Which statement is correct about Excessive lochia ?
A. Menstrual pad become wet below 2.5 cm in one hour 
B. Menstrual pad become wet 15 cm in an hour 
C. Menstrual pad become saturated in one hour 
D. Menstrual pad become saturated in 15 min.✓

RATIONALS: Correct Answer is D

When menstrual pad become wet below 2.5 cm in an hour it is SCANTY LOCHIA 

When menstrual pad become wet below 10 cm in hour it is LIGHT LOCHIA 
When menstrual pad become wet below 15 cm in an hour it is MODERATE LOCHIA 
 When menstrual pad become Saturated in one hour it is HEAVY LOCHIA 
When menstrual pad become Saturated in 15 minute it is EXCESSIVE LOCHIA

Q.48. All the organ show Involution during normal puerperium  EXCEPT:
A. Uterus
B. Vagina
C. Mammary glands✓
D. All of the above
 Q.49. Episitomy should be done in which stage of labour?
A. First stage 
C. Third stage 
D. Forth stage
 Q.50. According to the shape of Inlet,which type of female pelvis is common ?
A. Android 
B. Anthropoid