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Total Questions - 50 With Answer 


Q.1.  Which organelle of cell is known as 'controller of cell '?
      A. Ribosome
       B. Nucleus ✔
      C. Mitochondria
      D. Centrosome

Q.2. Total amount of plasma protein in plasma?
      A. 7.3 gm✔
      B. 4.7 gm
      C. 2.3 gm
      D. O.3 gm

Q.3. Kuffer cells in liver is an example of?
      A. Mast cells
       B. Basophils
      c. Microphase✔
      D. Eosinophils

Q.4. RBC takes time for maturation and development(erythropoiesis) ?
      A. 2 days
      B. 5 days
      C. 7 days✔
      D. 10 days              

Q.5. Megaloblastic anemia occurs due to te deficiency of ??
       A. B12
       B. Folic acid✔
       C. Iron
       D. Protein

Q.6.  What is the purpose of doing fourth maneuver;
       A. To know fetal part at the fundus
       B. To assess the degree of flexion or Attitude
       C. To have an idea about fetal part
       D. To know engagement occurs or not✔

Q. 7. Decent during labor assessed by which pelvic grip ;
       A. Fundal grip
       B. Lateral grip
       C. Pelvic 1st
       D. Pelvic 2nd✔

Q. 8. During which of the following stage of labor the nurse would assess "Crowning "??
     A. First stage
     B. Second stage✔
     C. Third stage
     D. Forth stage

Q.9. The greatest danger in breech presentation during labor is;
      A. Prolapse of foot
      B. Prolapse of cord✔
      C. Precipitate labor
      D. Prolapse arm

Q. 10. The factor responsible for the dilatation of the cervix is;
      A. Formation of beg of water
      B. Painful uterine contraction
      C. Fetal axis pressure
      D. All the above✔        
Q. 11. When the combined duration of first and second stage of labor is less the two hours,      the condition is called ;
      A. Preterm labor    
      B. Precipitate labor✔
      C. Premature labor
      D. Labor at term
Q. 12. The fully dilated cervix during first stage of labor is measured as;
      A. 5 cm
      B. 6 cm                
      C. 10 cm ✔
      D. 8 cm

Q. 13. All of following must Be monitored by nurse during second stage of labor Except;
      A. Uterine contraction
      B. Descending of presenting part
      C. Maternal comfort✔
      D. Fetal condition

Q. 14. The positive sign for beginning of the second stage of labor is ;
      A. Expulsion of clear vaginal fluid
      B. Contractions are regular
      C. Ruptured membrane
      D. Cervix is fully dilated✔

Q. 15. Lengthening of umbilical cord and spurt of blood from the vagina indicates??
      A. Hematoma
      B. Placenta previa
      C. Placental separation✔
      D. Uterine atony

Q. 16.A nurse checking a ABG report of a patient, admitted in ICU.
      FINDING are - pH- 7.30, Pco2- 50 mmHg,Hco3-22-27 mmofHg.
       according the findings the nurse suspect that the patient is suffering from-
      A. Respiratory alkaloids
      B.  Respiratory acidosis✔
      C. Metabolic alkalosis
      D. Metabolic acidosis

Q. 17. During labor FHS must be auscultated;
      A. Mid way between contraction
      B. Immediate before the next contraction
      C. Immediate after the contraction
      D. As near to the end of the contraction as possible✔

Q. 18. The relationship between long axis of fetus to long axis of the uterus is known as?
      A. Presentation
      B. Attitude
      C. Lie✔
      D. Position

Q. 19. The Placenta should be delivered normally with in ;
      A. 5 min
      B. 30 min✔
      C. 45 min
      D. 60 min                     

Q. 20. During labor, the process of thinning and shortening of cervix is termed as?
      A. Ballottement
      B. Dilatation
      C. Effacement✔
      D. Insufficiency

Q.21. Amount of glycerin enema for an adult patient??
     A. 100-110ml
     B. 50-70ml
     C. 60-100ml
     D. 15-30ml✔
Q.22. The data which described or given by patient himself, known as-
     A. Subjective data
     B. Symptoms
     C. covered data
     D.  All of them✔

Q.23. Nursing care plan are a part of which phase of nursing process?
     A. Evaluation
     B. Nursing diagnosis
     C. Planning✔
     D. Nursing Assessment

Q. 24. Inverse fever is a characteristic feature of which disease??
     A. Malaria
     B. Influenzas
     C. Milliary tuberculosis ✔
     D. Septicemia

Q.25. Rise of body temperature above 105 degrees termed as-
     A. Hyperpyrexia✔
     B. High pyrexia
     C. Normothermia
     D. Moderate pyrexia

Q.26. A condition in which temperature reduce but patient's condition does not improve-
     A. True crysis
     B. False crysis✔
     C. Lysis
     D. Fastigium

Q, 27. Aptitude of normal/ expected pulse is-
     A. 0
     B. 1+
     D. 03+

Q.28. A nurse is planing for oral temperature of a patient, who just drink cold action of nurse?
     A. Wait for 15 minutes✔
     B. Take temperature by axilla
     C. Wait for an hour
     D.  Avoid temperature by mouth

Q.29 Difference between apical pulse and radical pulse is called?
     A. sinus arrhythmia
     B. Pulse deficit✔
     C. Bigeminal pulse
     D. paradoxical   pulse

Q.30. Stertor sound of respiration is seen in which condition?
     A. Asthma
     B. Pneumonia
     C. Acute alcoholism✔
     D. laryngitis

Q.31 Normal means arterial blood pressure is in adults
     A. 95mmHg
     B.  93.3mmHg✔
     C. 40mmHg
     D. 120mmHG

Q.32. A nurse taking blood pressure of a patient, the cuff is loose. the reading will be?
     A. Low reading✔
     B. High reading
     C. No change
     D. May be high or low

Q.33. Wong baker faces rating scale is used to measurement of ?
         A. Burn
         B. Pain✔
         C, Gait
         D. Consciousness

Q.34. Administration of drug in mouth against the wall of mucous membrane of cheek is termed as          A. Inhalation
     B. Buccal route✔
     C. Sublingual route
     D. Oral route

Q.35. Injection into spinal cavity is?
     A. Intra thecal✔                        
      B. Intra articular
     C. Intra muscular
     D. Intra osseous

Q.36. What is Gout?
     (A) A degenerative disorder
     (B) A vascular disorder
     (C) A renal disorder
     (D) A metabolic disorder✔

Q,37, The Civil Disobedience Movement was started in the year :
     (A) 1905 AD
     (B) 1920 AD
     (C) l930 AD✔
     (D) 1942 AD

Q.38. If 1st April 2014 is Tuesday, then 1st June 2014 will be
     (A) Thursday
     (B) Friday
     (C) Saturday
     (D) Sunday✔

Q.39.  The light of which color is used to treat neonatal jaundice?
     (A) Red Light
     (B) Yellow Light
     (C) Orange Light
     (D)Blue Light✔

Q.40. Identify the part of Human Stomach which connects/joins with Esophagus
     (A) Fundus
     (B)Cardia ✔
     (C) Body
     (D) pylorus

Q,41, Which one of the following is infectious Hepatitis?
     (A) Hepatitis A ✔
      (B)  Hepatitis B
     (C) Hepatitis C
     (D) Hepatitis D

Q.42. Which one of the following vaccinations is necessary for pregnant lady?
     A. Tetanus ✔
     B) BCG
     C) Rubella
     D) DPT

Q.43. Thalassemia is a congenital;
     A) Defect in bones
     B) Blood disorder ✔
     C) Neural defect
    D) Muscular Defect

Q.44. Which city will host Olympic Games, 2020?
     A) Madrid
     B) Istanbul
     C) Rio de Janeiro
     D) Tokyo✔

Q.45. When we open an internet site, we see 'www'. What is the full form of 'www' ?
     A) World Wide Web✔
      B) World Wise word
     C) Words Wise Web
     D) None of these

Q.47. The disorder that affects the memory and cognitive function in older persons is called:
      A) Insomnia
      B) Paranoia
 '    C) Aphasia
      D) Dementia✔

Q.48. Which for the following is not a contraindication of peritoneal dialysis ?
     A. Peritonitis
      B. Recent abdominal surgery
      C. Abdominal   adhesions
      D. CKD✔

Q. 49. Physiological anemia during pregnancy   is a result of;
     A. Increased blood volume of the mother ✔
     B. Decreased dietary intake of iron
     C. Decreased erythropoietin after first trimester
     D. Increased detoxification of iron by maternal liver                                

 Q50. The amount of dialysate solution(generally prescribed) for peritoneal dialysis ?
      A. 500ml-1000ml
      B. 1000ml-2000ml✔
      C. 2000ml-2500ml
      D. 2500ml-3000ml