Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 14 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 14 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam like 
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Gynecology  Subject Model Paper

Total Question -   50 Question with Answer

Q. 01 The Placenta is originated from? 
A. Chorion frondsum  
B. Decidual vera  
C. Decidual capsularis 
D. Myocardium 

Q. 02 Gravida Denotes to? 
A. Pregnant state  
B. Previous pregnancy  
C. Pregnancy at the state of 30 and above  
D. All   

Q. 03 Which one is the main cause of PID? 
A. Abruptio Placentae  
B. Placenta previa 
C. Ectopic Pregnancy  

Q. 04 Movement of fetus felt by the mother is known as? 
A. Lightening  
B. Ballottement  
C. Quickening  
D. Brixton hick’s contraction 

Q. 05 Pap's smear is used for screening of ? 
A. Ovulation  
B. Cervical cancer 
C. Uterine cancer 
D. Menstrual cycle 

Q. 06 Which medication can be used after delivery to suppress lactation?  
A. Metoclopramide  B. Bromocriptine  
C. Prolactin  
D. All of above 

Q. 07 Placenta delivered in which stage of Labour ?  
A. 1st stage 
B. 2nd stage 
C. 3rd stage  
D. 4th stage 

Q. 08 In following, Which one is  NOT a compilation of twin pregnancy?  
A. Low birth weight  
B. Post maturity  
C. Abortion  
D. Chromosomal abnormalities 

Q. 09 Which type of episiotomy is Most Commonly done ? 
A. Lateral 
B. Medial 
C. Medio-lateral  
D. J shaped 

Q. 10 Which STD (Sexual transmitted disease) is Most Common STD in female?  
A. HIV B. Chlamydia  
C. Gonorrhea  
D. Genital herpes  

Q. 11 Which is Most Common Cause of  puerperal  fever in puerperium ?  
A. Abscess formation  
C. Endometritis  

Q.12 Total number of bones in female Pelvis?  
A. 2 
B. 3 
C. 4 
D. 5 

Q. 13 Standard prophylactic dose of Iron supplementation in Pregnancy? 
A. 120 mg per day 
B. 60 mg once daily 
C. 60 mg three times in a day 
D. 60 mg 2 times in a day. 

Q. 14 Which is the most common hypertensive disorder in pregnancy in young primigravida? 
A. Mild preeclampsia  
B. Severe pre-eclampsia  
C. Eclampsia  
D. Superimposed pre-eclampsia 

Q. 15 Drug of choice for prevention of seizures in eclampsia?  
A. Phenytoin  
B. Dopamine  
C. Magnesium sulphate 
D. Chlordiazepoxide 

Q. 16 The definitive treatment of preeclampsia is? 
A. Rest and lateral position  
B. High protein High calorie diet 
C. Termination of pregnancy  
D. IV magnesium sulphate 

Q. 17 Most Common Cause of maternal mortality rate in India?  
A. Infection  
B. Hemorrhage  
C. Hypertension in pregnancy  
D. Thrombosis

Q. 18 A surgical incision during Pregnancy to reduce chances of Perineal tear is termed as? 
A. Amniotomy  
B. Evacuation  
D. Episiotomy 

Q. 19 Which parameters are NOT included in bishops scoring system? 
A. Dilatation of cervix  
B. Length of the cervix  
C. Position of cervix  
D. Discharge of cervical mucus 

Q. 20 The embryo can be identified as a human as early as-  
A. 4th week 
B. 8th week 
C. 12th week 
D. 16th week 

Q. 21 Important feature of pregnancy in second trimester?      
A. Frequency of maturation      
B. Lightning      
C. Quickening      
D. Amenorrhea 

Q. 22 Highest diameter of fetal skull is?     
A. Mento-vertical      
B. Submento-vertical      
C. Suboccipto-bregmatic      
D. Submento-bregmatic 
Q. 23 Most commonest lie of fetus?     
A. Transverse      
B. Oblique      
C. Longitudinal      
D. Unstable 

Q. 24 Commonest Presentation of fetus?      
A. Podalic     
B. Shoulder 
C. Face     
D. Cephalic 

Q. 25 Commonest presenting part is? 
A. Brow 
B. Face  
C. Foot 
D. Vertex 

Q. 26 Universal attitude of foetus?  
A. Flexion  
B. Extension  
C. Hyperextension  
D. Unstable

Q. 27 Most Common cause of breech presentation is? 
A. Multiple pregnancy 
B. Hydroamnious 
C. Multipara 
D. Preterm labor 

Q. 28 Commonest type of ectopic pregnancy?  
A. Abdominal pregnancy  
B. Corunal pregnancy  
C. Tubal pregnancy  
D. Ovarian pregnancy 

Q. 29.  Commonest cause of early miscarriage?  
A. Chromosomal abnormality  
B. Cervical incompetence  
C. Infections  
D. Autoimmune diseases 

Q. 30 Most common mal presentation is ? 
A. Breech 
B. Face 
C. Foot 
D. Cephalic 

Q. 31 Most important symptom of placenta previa?  
A. Hypertension  
B. Polyhydramnios 
C. Vaginal bleeding  
D. Convulsions 

Q. 32 Important predisposing factor of Abruptio Placentae? 
A. Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy  
B. Long cord  
C. Trauma  
D. Short umbilical cord 

Q. 33 Most Common Hematological Problem in pregnancy? 
A. Hypertension  
B. Anemia  
C. Polycythemia  
D. Coagulation disorders 

Q. 34 Most Common Cause of PPH? 
A. Atonic uterus 
B. Trauma  
C. Blood coagulopathy  
D. Placenta previa 

Q. 35 Most Common Cause of secondary PPH? 
A. Retain bits of placenta  
B. Puerperal sepsis  
C. Subinvolution 
D. Blood coagulation disorders 

Q. 36 The most sensitive marker to predict preterm labour?  
A. Serum ferritin  
B. Ferning test 
C. Cervical length 
D. Fibronectin 

Q. 37 The major contribution in amniotic fluid is by? 
A. Fetal urine 
B. Fetal plasma 
C. Mother's plasma  
D. Mother's urine 

Q. 38 Fern test is used to assess? 
A. Ovulation  
B. Ca cervix  
C. Pregnancy  
D. Fetal maturity 

Q. 39 Best investigation to diagnose ectopic pregnancy?  
A. Urine pregnancy test 
B. USG  
C. Laparoscopy  
D. Hysterectomy 

Q. 40 Most Common side effects of IUCD use? 
A. Ectopic Pregnancy  
B. Uterine rupture 
C. Excessive menstrual flow 
D. Expulsion of IUCD 

Q. 41 The safest position for a woman who is in Labour with cord prolapse? 
A. Supine 
B. Fowlers  
C. Trendelenburg 
D. Lithotomy 

Q. 42. Fetal heart sounds can be assessed as early as between?  
A. 4-6 weeks 
B. 8-10 weeks 
C. 10-12 weeks 
D. 16-18 weeks 

Q. 43 The most difficult time to control diabetes during maternity cycle?  
A. First trimester  
B. 2nd trimester  
C. During Intrapartum period  
D. Puerperium

Q. 44 Which of the following is the highest diameter of pelvis?  
A. Antero-posterior  
B. Lateral  
C. Oblique diameter  
D. All are equal 

Q. 45 Which is the immediate nursing action during eclampsia ? 
A. IV magnesium sulphate  
B. Prevent from injury 
C. Airways protections  
D. Vital monitoring 

Q. 46 Which term best describe fetal descent during Labour?  
A. Position 
B. Dilatation 
C. Station  
D. Presentation 

Q. 47 Priority nursing assessment after of membrane?  
A. Assess FHS  
B. BP Monitoring  
C. Pelvis examination  
D. Presentation 

Q. 48 The greater danger in breech presentation?  
A. Cord prolapse  
B. Precipitate Labour  
C. Rupture of Uterus 
D. Prolapse of foot 

Q. 49 The safest method of termination of pregnancy before 12 weeks?  
A. D&C 
B. Laminaria tent 
C. Suction evacuation  
D. Prostaglandins 

Q. 50 The outermost membrane of placenta?  
A. Amnion  
B. Yolk sac 
C. Chorion 
D. Cotyledons 

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