Download AIIMS Bhubaneswar Nursing Officer Exam 2018 QP

Download AIIMS Bhubaneswar Nursing Officer Exam 2018 Question Paper

Question Paper Is Based on Memory 
Download AIIMS Bhubaneswar Nursing Officer Exam 2018 Question Paper . AIIMS Bhubaneswar Conduct Nursing Officer  Exam 2018 on 15 Feb 2018 . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF from Our Website . Download Link are given below

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Q. 01 Stranger Anxiety develops in a child?
Answer- after 8 months of Age.

Q. 02 BCG vaccine should be Dilute in?
Answer- Normal saline

Q. 03 Urea breath test is used for diagnosis of ?
Answer- H pylori.

Q.04 Major Problem which affect growth and development EXCEPT ?
Answer- common Cold

Q.05 Which immunoglobin can cross placenta barrier ?

Answer- IgG.

Q.06 Highest Number of islet of Langerhans of Pancreas at ?
Answer- Tail.

Q.07 APTT is increases in which condition?
Answer- Hemophilia

Q.08 Korsakoff’s psycosis accurs due to deficiency of?
Answer- Thiamine

Q.09 Delusion is A disorder of ?
Answer- Thought.

Q.10 Warning sign of appendicitis ?
Answer- Rebound tenderness.

Q.11 Fever is A condition in which temperature is grater then?
Answer 37°C.

Q.12 Iron rich food Exclude One?
Answer- Milk.

Q.13 Absence of living spermatozoa is called?
Answer- Azoospermia.

Q.14 Most common type of Episiotomy incision ?
Answer- Media-lateral

Q.15 Partograph include All EXCEPT?
Answer - Pulse Rate.

Q.16 Medical therapy and treatment are included in which level of prevention?
Answer- secondary prevention.

Q.17 Which statement is correct about physiological jaundice EXCEPT?
Answer- appears with in 24hr of birth.

Q.18 Most powerful stimulus for inspiration center?
Answer- increased Co2 level.

Q.19 Normal length of Newborn at birth in inches?
Answer- 20"

Q.20 Most common withdrawal symptoms of Alcohol?
Answer- Tremors

Q.21 Shick test is used in ?
Answer. Diphtheria.

Q.22 ORS should be used within?
Answer- within 24 hours

Q.23 Temperature and time of autoclave for effective sterilization?
Answer - 121°C temperature for 15 minutes.

Q.24 Which Newborn reflex present at birth EXCEPT?
Answer- Parashute reflex.

Q.25 Cell Mediated Immunity is provided by?
Answer- By T cells

Q.26 Which position is used in dyspnoea?
Answer - Fowlers position.

Q.27 Endotoxin is produced by?
Answer- Gram negative Bacteria’s

Q.28 HCG is secreted by?
Answer – syncytotropoblast

Q.29 Hearing loss accurs if sound is more then?
Answer- 80 db.

Q.30 HCL is secreted by?
Answer - Partial cells of stomach.

Q.31 Perception without any stimulus is called ?
Answer- Hallucination

Q.32 best test for diagnosis of mental disorder.
Answer- porschach test

Q.33 Which muscle is called boxers muscles?
Answer- serratus muscle.

Q.34 Oxytocin is secerated by?
Answer- posterior pituitary

Q.35 Vaginal bleeding occurring before 28 week of gestation indicated?
Answer- Threatened abortion.

Q.36 Neurotransmitter disturbance in Alzheimer’s disease?
Answer- Acetylcholine.

Q.37 Purpose of palliative surgery?
Answer- To reduce intensity of illness.

Q.38 all the following are cause of constipation except*
(A) laxative abuse
(B) inadequate fiber intake
(C) decrease fluid intake
(D) decrease gastro intestinal motility

Q.39 Average height of new born*
(A) 28-30 inch
(B) 25-27 inch
(C) 30-32 inch
(D) 19-21 inch

Q.40 best test for diagnosis of mental disorder..*.
(A) Thematic apprecian test
(B) Porschach test
(C) Bender gestalt test
(C) Sentence completion

Q.41 A Graft Transfer Animal to Human is called -
A. Allograft
B. Heterograft
C. Xenograft
D. All

Q. 42 Relationship of fetal head and limbs to its trunk is called:
A. Lie
B. Presentation
C. Attitude
D. position

Q. 43 Biological Risk factor of the Family Except –
Answer - Air Pollution

Q. 44 Natural Contraceptive Method Except –
Answer - Diaphragm

Q. 45 Electronically clinical consult taking –
Answer - E – Consult

Q. 46 Weber test Done -
Answer - Both Conductive and Sensorineural Hearing loss

Q. 47 Pin point pupil Seen in All Except -
Answer - Pontine Hemorrhage

Q. 48 Adjustment of living with to other living and to Environment –
Answer - Adopting

Q. 49 Winging of Scapula due to -
Answer - Injury of Nerve

Q. 50 Childhood most Common Tumor –
Answer - Medulloblastomas

Q. 51 Nursing practice is required By –
Answer - Ethics

Some Incomplete Question And Answer are Given Below -

Child Participation Decision Making Process –

Type of widal Test –

Conflict Resolution Except – Resistance

Major Bones Criteria of Rheumatic level Except – Polyarthritis

Large Number of RBC Present in Drainage –

Nursing Education was Established By –

Visual Analoge Scale For -

Incubation period

Pressure Ulcer due to

Best way of increasing nutritive value of pulses –

Agent, Host, Environment is Which Concept –

Gum Inflammation –

Muscles Contractions with Resistance wave of Exercise -

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