Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 28 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 28 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam
like AIIMS,JIPMER,PGIMER,GMCH,DSSSB,RRB,RUHS,BHU,AMU,SCTIMST,KPSC,RPSC,HPSSSB,HSSC,IGNOU ESIC and All other Staff nurse exam .you can download this question paper in pdf format link given at the end of paper.

➧Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 28 with Answer

Q. 1 First fetal movement felt by mother is -
A. Lightening
B. Ballottement
C. Engagement
D. Quickening

Q. 2 Sequence of taking vital sign in a Newborn infant is -

Q. 3 The Mineral element which is essential for Synthesis of Thyroxin is -
A. Iron
B. Iodine
C. Sodium
D. Chloride

Q. 4 Neonatal reflex elicited by touching the cheeks of the baby is -
A. Suckling reflex
B. Moro reflex
C. Startle reflex
D. Rooting reflex
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Q. 5 Founder of modern public health is -
A. Nightingale
B. Phoebe
C. Louis pasteur
D. Serelette

Q. 6 Deficiency of which of the following vitamins causes pellagra?
A. Niacin
B. Vitamin B12
C. Vitamin D
D. Folic acid

Q. 7 Another term used for Superego is -
A. Conscience
B. Self
C. Ideal self
D. Subconscious

Q. 8 Pacemaker of heart is -
A. AV Node
B. Purkinje fibers
C. SA Node
D. Parasympathetic system

Q. 9 Making up stories to fill in the gaps of memory is -
A. Reaction formation
B. Confabulation
C. Lying
D. Sublimation

Q. 10 Hemiplegia is Involves -
A. Paresis of Upper & lower Extremities
B. Paresis of Both lower extremities
C. Paralysis of one side of the body
D. Paralysis of both lower extremities

Q. 11. Disulfiram is Drug used in treatment of -
A. Mania
B. Schizophrenia
C. Hallucination
D. Alcoholism

Q. 12 Normal head Circumference in a Newborn is -
A. 34-36 cm
B. 33-35 cm
C. 32-34 cm
D. 30-32 cm

Q.13 What is the maximum volume that can be given IM injections -
A. 0.5 ml
B. 1 ml
C. 2 ml
D. 6 ml

Q. 14 Rifampicin is used for prophylaxis of -
A. Malaria
B. Gonorrhea
C. Leprosy
D. All of the Above

Q. 15 The diagnostic study to assess left ventricular dysfunction is -
B. Angiogram
C. Catheterization
D. Echo cardiography

Q. 16 Verapamil is a -
A. Cardiac glycoside
B. Calcium channel blocker
C. Beta adrenergic blocker
D. H2 receptor antagonist

Q. 17 Acid base imbalance that develops in acute renal failure is -
A. Metabolic alkalosis
B. Metabolic acidosis
C. Respiratory alkalosis
D. Respiratory acidosis

Q. 18 Clay coloured stool is suggestive of the -
A. Typhoid
B. Obstructive jaundice
C. Ulcerative colitis
D. Amoebic dysentery

Q. 19 Surgery done for myasthenia Gravis is called?
A. Pallidotomy
B. Thymectomy
C. Hypophysectomy
D. Sympathectomy
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Q. 20 What is the effect of the cyclosporine in a patient undergone renal
A. Anti inflammatory
B. Immunosuppressant
C. Antibacterial
D. Diuretics

Q. 21 Normal Glomerular filtration rate is -
A. 100ml/min
B. 125ml/min
C. 125/min
D. 2l/day

Q.22 Parenteral preparation of potassium should be administered slowly to prevent?
A. Over load
B. Cardiac arrest
C. Respiratory arrest
D. Acidosis

Q. 23 Causative Agent of Mumps is -
A. Toga virus
B. H. Influenza
C. Paramixo virus
D. Bordetella

Q. 24 Dose of Acetylsalicylic Acid is -
A. 500mg/kg/day
B. 100mg/kg/day
C. 50mg/kg/day
D. 10mg/kg/day

Q. 25 Expected date of Delivery for a Woman whose LMP was 15 August is _
A. 1st June
B. 24th June
C. 8th May
D. 22nd May

Q. 26 Drug of Choice for Rheumatic fever is?
A. Penicillin
B. Cephalosporin
C. Gentamycin
D. Streptomycin

Q. 27 Best method to prevent foot drop in a patient on bed rest is to use which of the
following -
A. Splints
B. Sandbag
C. Cradles
D. Blocks

Q. 28 Florence Nightingale was born on -
A. 12 May 1820
B. 12 May 1832
C. 22 May 1820
D. 12 May 1920

Q. 29 Normal PH of Human blood is?
A. 7 - 8
B. 7.25 - 7.35
C. 7.35 - 7.45
D. 6.35 - 6.45

Q. 30 Developmental task of adolescence is -
A. Trust vs mistrust
B. Identity vs role confusion
C. Initiative vs shame
D. Family vs peer relation

Q. 31 Rate of chest compression in one person CPR is _
A. 60-70/min
B. 80-100/min
C. 120-140/min
D. 150-170/min

Q. 32 Carpel tunnel syndrome is caused by?
A. Pressure on cephalic nerve
B. Injury to Wrist joint
C. Pressure on median nerve
D. Damage of lower motor neuron

Q. 33 Position in which the patient is to be cared after lower extremity amputation is _
A. Left lateral
B. Prone
C. Side lying with amputated side up
D. Supine with head turned to one side
Q. 34 Speech Centre is located _
A. Broca's area
B. Postcentral area
C. Promotor area
D. Frontal area

Q. 35 Closure of anterior fontanel takes place by age of _
A. 1 Year
B. 2 Year
C. 6 months
D. 6 weeks

Q. 36 Amount of current used in giving ECT _
A. 200-250 V
B. 150-200 V
C. 130 -150 V
D. 70-130 V

Q. 37 Surgical fusion of a joint is known as _
A. Arthroplasty
B. Arthrodesis
C. Arthrotomy
D. Nailing

Q. 38 The maximum height at which the Enema should be held while giving it is _
A. 30 cm
B. 37 cm
C. 45 cm
D. 66 cm

Q. 39 The pituitary hormone that stimulates secretion of milk is _
A. Oxytocin
B. Prolactin
C. Estrogen
D. Progesterone

Q. 40 The most common site of occurring peptic Ulcers in stomach?
A. Cardiac portion
B. Pyloric portion
C. Esophageal junction
D. Body of the stomach

Q. 41 Alma Ata Declaration was made in _
A. 1978
B. 1988
C. 1998
D. 2002

Q. 42 Ghon's foci is seen in the _
A. Renal tumor
B. Tuberculosis
C. Measles
D. Rheumatic fever

Q. 43 Mean of Palliative care _
A. General care
B. Ostomy care
C. Pain & Symptom relief
D. None of these
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Q. 44 Invertogram is one of the diagnostic test used in _
A. Diverticulum
B. Anorectal anomalies
C. Intussusception
D. Pyloric stenosis

Q. 45 How much will be drop rate/min if 500 ml of fluid is to be administered over 24
hours via ordinary drip set with drop factor 15 drops/ml?
A. 50 drop/mints
B. 25 drop/mints
C. 5 drop/mints
D. 3 drop/mints

Q. 46 Bronchiolitis is commonly seen in which age group?
A. 12 years
B. 2-3 Age
C. <2 years
D. All age group

Q. 47 Respiratory Centre is located at _
A. Cerebrum
B. Medulla oblonggata
C. Pones
D. Spinal cord

Q. 48 Stimulation of vagus nerve results in _
A. Dilatation of coronary artery
A. Dilatation of bronchioles
B. Decrease in Heart rate
C. Increase in heart rate

Q. 49 For giving CPR, After Ascertaining unresponsiveness one of should _
A. Establish an Airway
B. Call for help
C. Check the carotid pulse
D. Give chest compression

Q. 50 The purpose of peritoneal dialysis is to _
A. Remove the toxins and metabolic waste
B. Provide fluid
C. Re-establish kidney function
D. Clean the peritoneal cavity

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