Download AIIMS Bhubaneswar Senior Nursing Officer Exam 2019 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download AIIMS Bhubaneswar Senior Nursing Officer Exam 2019 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download AIIMS Bhubaneswar Senior Nursing Officer Exam 2019 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based] . AIIMS Bhubaneswar Conduct Nursing Officer Grade- I Recruitment Exam on March  27  2019 Exam . The Exam was Held on 27 March 2019 . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF with Answer Keys  from Our Website . Download Link are given below

                                  [QUESTION PAPER IS BASED ON MEMORY ]

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NOTE- This Question Paper is Based on Memory not a real Question Paper . So Same Question Answer and Option are missing or Not Available. is not responsible for any missing or Incorrect or Incomplete Questions Answer .


All Question are Memory Based and gets from various social media.some question option may available some not. 

➤Download AIIMS Bhubaneswar Senior Nursing Officer Exam 2019 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]-

Q.1 Decrease BMR in Case of-
A. Fever
B. Vomiting
C. Hypothyroidism
D. Diabetes

Q.2 Withdrawal symptoms do not occur in case of which of the following medication?
A. MOI”s
D. Tricyclic Anti depressant

Q.3 Small Pox Eradicate from world by WHO
A. 1980
B. 1989
C. 1978
D. 1977

Q.4 Normal Temperature of Neonate is-
A. 36.5 to 37°C
B. 37 to 39°C
C. 34.5 to 37.2°C
D. 36.5 to 37.2°C

Q.5 Rural Health Mission Started by Which of the following Committee?
A. Shrivastav committee
B. Bhore committee
C. Chadha committee
D. Jungalwalla committee  

Q.6 Neonate is called-
A. 0-7 days
B. 1 month-1 year
C. 0-28 days
D. 1-3 year

Q.7 Which is the largest synovial joint of the human body?
A. Knee Joint
B. Shoulder Joint
C. Wrist Joint
D. Ankle Joint

Q.8 In Carry SWOT not Included-
A. W- weakness
B. T- Time
C. O- opportunity
D. S- strength

Q.9 Which is the largest gland of the human body?
A. Stomach
B. Small intestine
C. Pancreas
D. Liver

Q.10 Decrease pain Transmission and caused inflammation response which Substance is
C. Endorphins
D. Prostaglandins

Q.11 A manager meeting to other manager, doctor, social worker and other hospital workers is known as communication-
A. Transformation
B. Dialogue
C. Vertical
D. Horizontal  

Q.12 Umbilical cord contains the-
A. 2 Umbilical artery 1 Umbilical vein
B. 2 Umbilical artery 2 Umbilical vein
C. 2 Umbilical vein 1 Umbilical artery
D. 1 Umbilical artery 1 Umbilical vein

Q.13 Major Artery in Upper Limbs?
A. Basilar Artery
B. Mesenteric Artery
C. Axillary Artery
D. Femoral Artery

Q. 14 Optimum Fluoride Concentration in drinking water is-
A. 0.5 PPM
B. 1-2 PPM
C. 3-5 PPM
D. Above 10 PPM

Q.15 Which of the following microorganism does not cause vaginitis?
A. Salmonella
B. Candida Albicans
C. Trichomonas Vaginalis
D. Chlamydia trachomatis

Q.16 Which of the following is major immunological serum?
A. IgA
B. IgG
C. IgE
D. IgM  

Q.17 Antibody are produced by following cells-
A. T lymphocytes
B. Platelets
C. RBC’s
D. Lymphocytes

Q. 18 Which of the following Normal skin variation are not presents in newborn?
A. Milia
B. Bruishes
C. Vernix caseosa
D. Stork bites

Q. 19 Which of the following disease is caused by sugar cane?
A. Byssinosis
B. Bagassosis
C. Anthracosis
D. Asbestosis

Q. 20 WHO Initiated Right to Sight is name-
A. Vision 2015
B. Vision 2020
C. Vision 2025
D. Vision 2030

Q.21 Anosmia means
A. Loss of speech
B. Loss of sense of smell
C. Loss of movement
D. Inability to perform particular action

Q.22 Measles also called-
A. Hansen disease
B. Break bone fever
C. Rubeolla
D. Rubella

Q.23 Father of scientific management theory-
A. Ivan pavlov
B. William James
C. Frederick
D. Lydia Hall

Q.24 Treatment of Hot flushes is Administration of-
C. Oestrogen
D. Progesterone

Q.25 In a 28 days menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs in the following days?
A. 21 days
B. 14 days
C. 18 days
D. 7 days  

Q.26 Dysmenorrhoea is a-
A. Excessive menstrual bleeding
B. Irregular acyclic bleeding
C. Painful menstruation
D. Cyclic repeat every 35 days

Q.27 Adult BMR decrease with increase of the following-
A. Body fat mass
B. Fever
C. Body surface area
D. Muscles

Q.28 Most Common suited pelvis for delivery is-
A. Android
B. Anthropoid
C. Gynecoid
D. Platypelloid

Q.29 Serum Hepatitis also known as-
A. Hepatitis A
B. Hepatitis B
C. Hepatitis C
D. Hepatitis D

Q.30 HIV are not transmitted following types of contraceptives?
A. Hormonal method
B. Oral contraceptive
C. Condom
D. Cu. T380

Q.31 Which of the following disease are the Autoimmune disease?
A. Spondylitis
B. Haemophilia
C. Myasthenia Gravis
D. Parkinson’s disease

Q.32 Which of the following route are not transmission of HIV?
A. Needle prick
B. Parenteral route
C. Blood transfusion
D. Safe for blood and fluid

Q.33 Providing Health education about the environmental hygiene the community people is-
A. Structural communication
B. Social communication
C. Formal communication
D. Therapeutic communication

Q.34 Which of the following is not a visual aid use in health education?
A. Chart
B. Film strip
C. Audio cassette
D. Poster

Q.35 Which Hepatitis are transferred through institutional and health organisation?
A. Hepatitis D
B. Hepatitis C
C. Hepatitis B
D. Hepatitis A  

Q.36 Strives to maintain a balance between Biological, Psychological and social are need clent Adaptive response to environment is described by-
A. Jean watson
B. Callista Roy (Adaption Model)
C. Mortha Rogers
D. Virginea Hendersons

Q.37 The Highest Amount are ATP are formed in following types of cycle?
A. Glycolysis
B. Kreb's cycle
D. Pyruvic acid formation

Q.38 Salt are added in food are the example of which level of prevention?
A. Primary prevention
B. Primordial prevention
C. Secondary prevention
D. Tertiary prevention

Q.39 Which of the following symptoms are the differentiated between small for gestational age and large for gestational age?
A. Hypocalcemia
B. Respiratory distress
C. Hypoglycemia
D. Polycythemia

Q.40 Which of the following is not symptoms of increase ICP?
A. Clear Consciousness
B. Headache
C. Irritability
D. Vomiting

Q.41 Peripheral vision loss in-
A. Cataract
B. Retinal Detachment
C. Closure Angle
D. Open Angle glaucoma

Q.42 True Macular Degeneration of Muscles of eye?

Q.43 Capnography is measures-
B. N2
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Hydrogen  

Q.44 Thyroxine hormone are secreted by following glands?
A. Thymus gland
B. Thyroid gland
C. Ovary
D. Pituitary gland

Q.45 Testosterone Secrete which cell-
A. Epididymis
B. Hofbauer cells
C. Leydig cells of testis
D. Sertoli cells

Q.46 Which of the following is not a side effects of morphine sulphate?
A. Absence of deep tendon reflex
B. Decrease Respiration
C. Increased Respiration rate
D. Decreased CNS

Q.47 120% of 75 is-
A. 110
B. 100
C. 90
D. 80

Q.48 Normal Hb of Neonate is-
A. 11-16gm/dl
B. 14-16gm/dl
C. 17-20gm/dl
D. 10-12gm/dl

Q.49 1gm Hb carrying how much Oxygen?
A. 2.34 mlO2/gm
B. 3.34 mlO2/gm
C. 1.34 mlO2/gm
D. 0.34 mlO2/gm

Q.50 Decend of Testis occurs-
A. Before Birth
B. 16 weeks
C. 24 weeks
D. After 7 months

Q. 51 C4 vertebrae damage cause following symptoms-
A. Flaccid bladder
B. Hypertension
C. Respiratory symptoms
D. Hyperactive bowel  

Q.52 Age related hearing loss is-
A. Presbycusis
D. Presbyopia

Q.53 Decrease oxygen in blood is called-
A. Hypoxia
B. Apnea
C. Cyanosis
D. Hypoxemia

Q.54 Microorganism that cause dental carries-
A. Salmonella
B. Candida Albicans
C. Streptococcus
D. Staphylococcus

Q.55 Which of the following condition are Abnormal in mouth-
A. Dry mouth and dry lips
B. Moist tongue
C. Moist lips
D. Moist mouth

Q.56 Right Hemisphere damage which is not included-
A. Left hemiplegia
B. Left hemiparesis
C. Right hemiplegia
D. Weakness in left side of body

Q.57 Which of the following is not true in mastitis-
A. Pregnancy
B. No nipples discharge and pain
C. Infection of Connective tissue of breast
D. Lactation or non lactation

Q.58 Plasma osmolarity Range is-
A. 240-250 mosl/kg H2O
B. 270-280 mosl/kg H2O
C. 220-230 mosl/kg H2O
D. 280-295 mosl/kg H2O  

Q.59 Sex Ratio is defined as-
A. No of females per 100 male population
B. No of males per 1000 population
C. No of females per 1000 male population
D. No of females per 10000 male population

Q. 60 Type of pain short duration and early wound healing -
A. Nociceptive pain
B. Neuropathic pain

Q.61 Which of the following example are type of 4th Hypersensitivity reaction?
Ans - Tuberculosis

Q. 62 Foot droop is caused by following nerve damage-
A. Tibial Nerve
B. Femoral Nerve
C. Deep Peroneal Nerve
D. Malleolus Nerve

Q. 63 Carpal Tunnel syndrome are occurs due to compressed of following Nerve-
A. Brachial plexus
B. Motor fibers of Radial Nerve
C. Sensory fibers
D. Median Nerve

Q. 64 Two factor employee motivational theory is given by-
A. Kohler
B. Alderber
C. Herzberg
D. Maslow  

Q. 65 Food items Bacillus Cereus food poisoning occurs
A. Potatoes
B. Fried rice
C. Green bean
D. Soyabean

Q. 66 All are the true about Deontology Except-

Q. 67 In a laboratory, most human pathogens grow in-
A. 20-30 degree
B. 15-20 degree
C. 30-37 degree
D. 38-39 degree

Q. 68 Arterial blood pH is-
A. 7.2
B. 7.4
C. 7.3
D. 7.8

Q.69 Which is not included in ethical principle-
A. Justice
B. Maleficence
C. Autonomy
D. Non maleficence

Q. 70 Which of the following is not a sign symptoms of Respiratory distress in Neonate-
A. Cyanosis
B. Bradycardia
C. Intercostal Retraction
D. Tachypnoea  

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