Download AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Gr-II Exam 2019 Question Paper Answer PDF Part-A

Download AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Gr-II Exam 2019 Question Paper Answer PDF Part-A

Download AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Gr-II Exam 2019 Question Paper Answer PDF Part-A . AIIMS Delhi Conduct Nursing Officer Grade- II Recruitment Exam on September  15 2019 Exam . The Exam was Held on 15 September 2018 . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF with Answer Keys  from Our Website . Download Link are given below-

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Warning for Readers- This Question Paper is prepare from memory based question answer. This Question Paper is Not Actual AIIMS Delhi Question Paper. Some Question and Their Answer may be incorrect or incomplete. We have not educate any bodies or this question paper is only informative. So, we have no responsibility of any incorrect or incomplete question answer. You can read this Question Answer on your risk and find the correct question or answer on your knowledge basis is not responsible for any missing or Incorrect or Incomplete Questions Answer .

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➤Download AIIMS Delhi Nursing Officer Gr-II Exam 2019 Question Paper Answer PDF Part-A-

Q.01 A 16-year-old unmarried girl come to hospital for vaccination of cervical cancer, which vaccine also given that time?
A. Tdap
B. Biovac
C. Rubivac
D. Gardasil
Q.02 Temporary cessation of berating is known as?
A. Dyspnea
B. Apnea
C. Tachypnea
D. Bradypnea

Q.03 In which Leopold maneuver fetal attitude may assessed?
A. Leopold l
B. Leopold ll
C. Leopold lll
D. Leopold lV

Q.04 Which needle prick injury may cause infection to health care provider except?
D. Malaria

Q.05 Which diet is given to a patient with 4th stage renal failure?
A. Low volume, high calorie
B. High volume high calorie
C. Low volume, low calorie
D. High volume low calorie

Q.06 Which position is given during vaginal Examination?
A. Supine
B. Prone
C. Left lateral
D. Dorsal

Q.07 Normal Hb level in adult?
A. 12-15mg%
B. 17-19gm%
C. 12-15 gm%
D. 9-11 gm%

Q.08 A pregnant woman has Hb level 8.5gm %, stage of Anemia?
A. Mild anemia
B. Moderate anemia
C. Severe anemia
D. Normal range

Q.09 Hand washing time according to WHO?
A. 40-60 sec
B. 10-15 sec
C. 2 minute
D. 3 minute

Q.10 Which procedure is not used in Chest Physiotherapy?

A. Nebulizer

B. Percussion
C. Vibration
D. Coughing

Q.11 Time of census in hospital?
A. Morning
B. Evening
C. Night
D. None of them

Q.12 Vicryl 3-0 suture is __?
A. Synthetic, nonabsorbable
B. Natural, Nonabsorbable
C. Synthetic, absorbable
D. Natural absorbable

Q.13 Site of injection for low molecular weight heparin?


D. Oral
Q.14 Serum Albumin level is 2.3gm in a postoperative patient, what is route of administration of albumin for this patient?
A. Intramuscular
B. Oral
C. IV line

Q.15 Right route and dose of injection Vit-K in Newborn?
A. 0.1mg SC
B. 1 mg Intramuscular
C. 1 gm IV
D.  5mg Oral
Q.16 Which of the following bone is not a sesamoid bone?
A. Stapes
B. Patella
C. Fibula
D. First metacarpal

Q.17 0.45 % Saline is an Example of?
A. Isotonic solution

B. Hypotonic solution

C. Hypertonic solution
D. Hyperosmotic solution

Q.18 Cannulation site itching and redness?
A. Phlebitis
B. Hypersensitivity to medication
C. Hypersensitivity to cannula insertion
D. Thrombophlebitis

Q.19 You Measuring blood pressure to a patient, the patient complaints carpal spasm, which condition may occurs?
A. Hypocalcemia
B. Hyperkalemia
C. Hypocalcemia
D. Hypomagnesemia

Q.20 Which Injection given during active Management of 3rd stage of Labor?
 A. 10-unit Oxytocin IM
 B. 20-unit Oxytocin IM
 C. Injection Misoprostol
 D. methotrexate 15 mg IM

Q.21 Postpartum period of 72 hours a purpura developed fever, with decrease skin integrity due to fluid loss and excessive vaginal secretions may indicative to develop sepsis. In this condition the body temperature support sepsis-
A. 36°C
B. 37°C

C. 38°C

D. 39°C

Q.22 The technician used for sterilization of instruments used in procedures. The chemical used for sterilization in following pictures will change after how many days which is used on 1/10/2018
A. 7 days
B. 14 days
C. 10 days
D.  21 days

Q.23 Medical Records Are the property of?
A. Medical Superintendent.
B. Hospital Director.
C. Owner of Hospital.
D. Patient.

Q.24 Which of the following blood group is Universal Donor?
A. A.
B. B.
C. O.

Q.25 Personal Protective Equipment used when wound caring to a MRSA patient?
A. Mask.
B. Gloves gown, Mask
C. Gloves, gown
D. Gown

Q.26 A winning candidate gets 900 votes and two other candidates gets 800 and 300 vote in University election, what is the percentage of vote of winning candidate?
A. 50%
B. 55%

C. 45%

D. 60%

Q.27 Which of the following measure showing in white blood count should be indicate the patient is immunosuppressive and patient need to isolation-
A. 8500 cell/mm3
B. 5600 cell/mm3

C. 2000 cell/mm3

D. 11000 cell/mm3

Q.28 A preeclamptic women baby is lying with her mother, when monitoring vital sign of baby, body temperature is low, what you will do for that-
A. Cover the baby and check the vital after 30 minutes

B. Punishment to her mother

C. Separate the baby from mother
D. Place the baby under Radiant Warmer

Q.29 Find the odd-
A. Bed sheets
B. Curtain
C. Table cloth

D. Shirt

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Q.30 A patient is arriving in emergency department after severe Hemorrhage. Sister in charge told nursing sister to cannulation quickly. Which is the following cannula is providing highest amount of fluid to prevent shock-
A. 22G
B. 20G
C. 18G

D. 16G

Q.31 Which of the following is measures of dispersion-
A. Mean
B. Mode
C. Median
D. Range

Q.32 A 1-day puerperal women with excessive bleeding, it is which type of PPHA.
B. Secondary
C. Third stage
D. Normal

Q.33 What is the priority Nursing action during Epilepsy?
A. IV fluids.
B. Open Airway.
Q.34 A Rh-ve Mother delivered a Rh -ve Baby, What is the dose of Anti-D?
A. 150 mcg
B. 300mcg

Q.35 Self-care deficit Nursing theory was developed by?
     A. Dorothea Orem
     B. Dorothea Johnson. 
Q.36 A patient is taking proper diet as prescribed in bulimia nervosa but weight of patient is not gain, which NURSING action is appropriate?
     A. Notice the patient for two hours after meal.
     B. Change in diet. 






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