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Download Staff Nurse Exam Modal Question Paper pdf -6 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam like AIIMS,JIPMER,PGIMER,GMCH,DSSSB,RRB,RUHS,BHU,AMU,SCTIMST,KPSC,RPSC,HPSSSB,HSSC,and All other Staff nurse exam .you can download this question paper in pdf format link given below

TOTAL QUESTION   -   50 Questioin with Answer

1.Which of the following IV fluids is prescribed to increase intravascular volume, replace immediate blood loss volume and increase blood pressure?
    (A)5% dextrose in lactated Ringers Solution✔
    (B)0.33% sodium chloride (1/3 normal saline)
    (C)0.225% sodium chloride (1/4 normal saline)
    (D)0.45% sodium chloride (1/2 normal saline)

2.Umbilical cord consists of
    (A)3 veins and 2 arteries
    (B)2 arteries and 1 vein✔
    (C)2 veins and 2 arteries
    (D)3 arteries and 2 veins

3.Phases of counselling does not include
    (D)Setting goals
4.When performing chest compressions on an adult in CPR, the sternum should be depressed for at least
    (A)¾ to 1 inch
     (B)½ to ¼ inch
    (C)1½ to 2 inches✔
    (D)2½ to 3 inches

5.Peg cells are seen in
    (D)Fallopian tubes✔

6.Fear of crowded or closed in spaces
    (A)Agora phobia✔
    (B)Social phobia
    (C)Hydro phobia
    (D)Zoo phobia

7.Soiled waste can be disposed by which method ?
    (D)Chemical treatment
8.What is the normal score in Mini Mental status examination?

9.The reason for urbanization is
    (A)Movement of population
    (B)Growth of Agriculture
    (C)Increased means of communication

10.Which is the most appropriate time of IUD insertion ?
    (A)During or within 10 days of menstruation✔
    (B)About the midst of the cycle
    (C)Just before menstruation
    (D)At any time of menstruation

11.Fatty acids can be transported into and out of cell membrane by
    (A)Active transport
    (B)Facilitated transport✔

12.Which of the following might help the pregnant client to overcome first–trimester morning sickness?
     (A)Eat dry crackers before arising✔
     (B)Increase fat intake before bedtime
     (C)Drink high–carbohydrate fluids with meals
    (D)Have two small meals a day with a snacks at noon

13.The position of the uterus is
    (A)Retroverted & retroflexed
    (B)Anteverted & anteflexed✔
    (C)Anteverted & retroflexed
    (D)Retroverted & anteflexed

14.Rational behind play therapy is
     (A)Sensorimotor & Intellectual development✔
    (B)Sensorimotor development
    (C)Intellectual development
    (D)Social development

15.The amount of sperm present in seminal fluid is
    (A)100 million/ml✔
    (B)60 million/ml
    (C)1 million/ml
    (D)20 million/ml

16.Asymmetrical enlargement of the uterus when there is lateral implantation, is called as
    (A)Fernwald's sign
    (B)Piskacek's sign✔
    (C)Heger's sign
    (D)Goodell's sign

17.Which committee is also known as Health Survey and Development Committee?
    (A)Bhore committee✔
    (B)Mudaliar committee
    (C)Shrivastav committee
    (D)Mukharji committee
18.What do you mean by incidence ?
    (A)New cases of any disease✔
    (B)Old cases of any disease
    (C)Total cases of any disease
    (D)All of these

19.IMNCI means
    (A)International Maternal Neonatal Child Immunization
    (B)Intramuscular–Neonatal Care Initiative
    (C)Intramuscular–Neonatal Childhood Illness
    (D)Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness✔

20.Yellow colour is the coding for
    (A)Human Anatomical waste
    (B)Animal waste
    (C)Biotechnological waste
    (D)Human Anatomical waste, Animal waste, Biotechnological waste & Soiled waste✔

21.ORS means
    (A)Oral Rehydration Solution✔
    (B)Oral Rehydration therapy
    (C)Overall Rehydration Solution
    (D)Oral Rehydration Syringe

22.The stage of disease cycle in which signs and symptoms are noticed:
     (A)Incubation period
23.Indian Lunacy Act was enacted in the year

24.A study that examines data collected in the present:
    (A)Non–experimental research
    (B)Pre–experimental research
     (C)Descriptive research✔
     (D)Basic research

25.A nurse is planning care for a postpartum client who had a vaginal delivery 2 hours ago. The client had a midline episiotomy and has several hemorrhoids. What is the priority nursing diagnosis for this client ?
    (A)Acute pain✔
    (B)Disturbed body image
    (C)Impaired urinary elimination
    (D)Risk for imbalanced fluid volume

26.According to Maslow, which is the highest level of need of an individual ?
    (A)Basic physiological
    (B)Self esteem
    (C)Self actualization✔
    (D)Safety & security

27.Which bacilli is responsible for the acidic medium in vaginal secretion?
    ( A)Doderlein's bacilli✔
    (D)E. coli

28.Which of the following food item is rich in Vitamin C?

29.Community Health Centre covers the population of

30.Kellys suture is done in
    (A)Cervical incontinence✔
    (B)Stress incontinence
    (C)Genito–urinary prolapse

31.The IQ level of Moderate Mental Retardation:
    (D)below 20

32.Which of the following coagulation factor is not increased during pregnancy?
    (A)Factor VII
    (B)Factor VIII
    (C)Factor IX
    (D)Factor XI✔

33.In a patient receiving Total Parentral Nutrition (TPN), which of the signs indicate hyperglycemia ?
     (A)Fever, weak pulse & thirst
    (B)Nausea, vomiting & oliguria
   (C)Sweating, chills and abdominal pain
   (D)Weakness, thirst and increased urine output✔

34.Causative Organism of AIDS is

35.Validity of tool means
    (A)It measures consistency.
    (B)It is free from bias.
    (C)It measures what it is supposed to measure.✔
    (D)It detects changes & differences.

36.Which is an example of Atypical Antipsychotics ?
37.The main clinical symptoms of Hiatal hernia is
    (C)Pain in inguinal area
    (D)Burning micturation

38.Causes of High infant mortality rate is
    (A)Six killer diseases
    (B)Low birth weight
    (C)Diarrhoeal disease
     (D)All of these✔

39.Most important uterine prolapse is
     (A)Round ligament
    (B)Broad ligament
    (C)Cardinal ligament✔
   (D)Uterosacral ligament

40.Which is a deviant behaviour in marriage ?
    (A)Marriage between the forbidden degrees of relation✔
    (B)Not observing caste rules in marriage
    (C)Widow remarriage
    (D)All of these

41.A home care nurse visits a pregnant client who has a diagnosis of mild pre–eclampsia. Which assessment finding indicates a worsening of the pre–eclampsia and the need to notify the physan ?
    (A)Urinary output has increased.
    (B)Dependent edema has resolved.
    (C)Blood pressure reading is at the prenatal baseline.
    (D)The client complains of a headache and blurred vision.✔

42.Projective technique is
    (A)A method of conducting a study
    (B)Indirect measure of data that is unlikely to be obtained✔
    (C)A method of research plan
    (D)A method of qualitative research

43.In India 70% of malaria cases occur due to
    (A)Plasmodium vivex✔
    (B)Plasmodium falciparum
    (C)Plasmodium malariae
    (D)Plasmodium ovale

44.Drug of choice for the prevention of Mother to Child HIV infection:
    (A)Tomoxifen citrate

45.Excessive urination at night is termed as

46.Islets of Langerhans produce

47.Planned Educational activities provided in a job setting is called
    (A)Continuing education
    (B)Job description
    (C)Job analysis
    (D)In–service education✔

48.Which is not a direct mode of transmission of communicable diseases ?
    (A)Droplet infection
    (C)Inoculation into skin
    (D)Vector borne transmission✔

49.Standard deviation summarizes the average
amount of deviation of values
    (A)From the mean✔
    (B)From the mode
    (C)From the median
    (D)From the Correlation

50._______ is characterized by episode of rapid ingestion of large volume of food followed by induced vomiting.
    (A)Bulimia Nervosa✔
    (B)Anorexia Nervosa
    (C)Binge eating


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