Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 23 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 23 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam

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➧Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 23 with Answer

  •     [Total Questions - 50 with Answers]

Q.1 When Administering a parenteral Iron preparation to the child, The nurse should__?
A. Change needle after drawing the drug into the syringe
B. Apply ice pack to the site after the injection
C. Rotate Injections among the four extremities
D. Firmly massage the site after withdrawal of the needle

Q. 2 After administration of Mebendazole (Vermox) to a 4 Year old child for
pinworms, The Nurse should observe the child for?
A. Convulsions
B. Punctuation
C. Worms in the stool
D. Hypertension

Q. 3 The primary reason for using prednisone in the treatment of acute leukaemia in
children is that it is able to ___?
A. Decrease Inflammation
B. Reduce irradiation edema
C. Suppress mitosis in lymphocytes
D. Increase appetite and sense of well being
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Q. 4 An essential Nursing action when caring for the small child with severe diarrhoea
is to.?
A. Force fluid orally
B. Take Daily weight
C. Replace lost calories
D. Keep body temperature below 100'F

Q. 5 Chicken pox can sometimes be fatal to children who are receiving ?
A. Antibiotics
B. Anticonvulsants
C. Steroids
D. Insulin

Q. 6 After closure of Newborn's meningomyelocele it is essential that the Nursing
care Includes?
A. Strict limitation of leg movement
B. Measurement of head Circumference daily
C. Decrease of environmental stimuli
D. Observation of serous drainage from the nares

Q. 7 When teaching an insulin dependent adolescent client about dietary management,
The Nurse should instruct the client to ___
A. Have the parent prepare for food separately from the rest of the family
B. Always carry a concentrated form of glucose
C. Eat all meals at home
D. Weigh all food on a gram Scale

Q. 8 A 6 year old girl begins thumb sucking after surgery. This was not the child's
behavior preoperatively. The Nurse should?
A. Distract her by playing crackers
B. Accept the thumb sucking
C. Report this behavior to the physician
D. Tell her thumb sucking cause buckteeth

Q. 9 A 10 month old is brought to the emergency room for a head injury after falling
down the stairs. An immediate CT Scan is ordered. In preparing a 10 months old for
CT Scan the nurse should__?
A. Shave the infants head
B. Administer prescribed sedative
C. Give the infant an explanation of the procedure
D. Start the prescribed intravenous infusion

Q. 10 To help parents cope with the behavior of young school aged children, the
nurse suggests that it could help if they would ___?
A. Avoid asking specific questions
B. Be consistent and firm about established rules
C. Write a list of expectations to avoid confusion
D. Allow the child to set up his or her own routines

Q. 11 In relation to obtaining an informed consent from an adolescent, the nurse
should be aware that the adolescent ___?
A. Is not able to make an acceptable or intelligent choice
B. Does not have the legal capacity to give consent
C. Will most likely be unable to choose between alternatives when asked to consent
D. Is able to give voluntary consent when parents are not available

Q. 12 Severe muscles wasting, growth failure and lose of subcutaneous fat are
features of ___?
A. Beri-Beri
B. Scurvy
C. Kwashiorkor
D. Marasmus

Q. 13 Committee which recommended multiple purpose worker?
A. Mudaliar committee
B. Bhore committee
C. Kartar Singh committee
D. Shrivastava committee
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Q. 14 Under certain circumstances the virus that cause chicken pox can also cause?
A. Athlete's foot
B. Herpes Zoster
C. German measles
D. Infectious hepatitis

Q. 15 When Administering IV Fluids to a small, dehydrated infant, the most critical
factor confronting the nurse is the ___?
A. Assurance of sterility
B. Maintenance of the prescribed rate of flow
C. Calculation of the total necessary intake
D. Maintenance of the fluid at body temperature

Q. 16 Aminophylline is to be given IV for 20 minutes every eight hours to a 20
months old hospitalized with severe asthma. Before Administering the drug, the nurse
A. Check the infant's temperature
B. Administer Oxygen to the infant
C. Take the infants pulse & Monitor the infant's B.P.
D. All of the Above

Q. 17 A 4 year old newly diagnosed with leukemia is placed on bed rest. While
assisting with morning care, the nurse notes bloody expectorant after the child has
brushed the teeth. The nurse should first?
A. Secure a smaller toothbrush for the child's use
B. Record and report the incident without alarming the child
C. Tell the child to be more Careful while brushing the teeth
D. Rinse the child's mouth with half strength hydrogen peroxide

Q. 18 Submerged portion of the iceberg represents?
A. Diagnosed case
B. Clinical case
C. Dead case
D. Treated case

Q. 19 Vaccine that leaves permanent scar?
A. Measles

Q. 20 Dengue fever is caused due to __?
A. Fungus
B. Bacteria
C. Virus
D. Protozoa

Q. 21 Oral polio vaccine is prepared from?
A. Killed organism
B. Live attenuated organism
C. Toxoids
D. Aerobic bacteria

Q. 22 Most common method use for identifying community health problems?
A. Lab tests
B. Camp
C. Survey
D. Health Education

Q. 23 Heard immunity is not useful in prevention of __?
A. Polio
B. Measles
C. Rubella
D. Tetanus#
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Q. 24 Administration of readymade antibiotics is example of.?
A. Active immunity
B. Passive immunity
C. Passive natural immunity
D. Active natural immunity

Q. 25 The constant presence of a disease or infection within a given geographic area
is called as?
A. Epidemic
B. Endemic
C. Pandemic
D. Sporadic

Q. 26 ASHA workers performance is monitored through?
A. Number of deliveries attended
B. Number of visits
C. Reduction of IMR
D. Number of training hours attended

Q. 27 When was the first round of pulse polio programme started ?
A. December 1994
B. January 1994
C. December 1995
D. November 1996

Q. 28 Site of BCG Vaccination is?
A. Left thigh
B. Left Deltoid
C. Right Deltoid
D. Right thigh
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Q. 29 Hepatitis A infection is __?
A. Air borne disease
B. Fecal oral route borne disease
C. Blood borne disease
D. Droplet borne disease

Q. 30 Zoonotic Disease is __?
A. Malaria
B. Rubella
C. Rabies
D. Diphtheria
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Q. 31 The drug used by Health workers in the management of acute respiratory illness is ?
A. Chloramphenicol
B. Benzyl penicillin
C. Gentamycin
D. Cotrimoxazole

Q. 32 Which is the most appropriate time for IUD Insertion?
A. During or within 10 Days of menstruation
B. Just before menstruation
C. Five days after menstruation
D. During mid period of menstrual cycle

Q. 33 WHO ORS Packet includes all EXCEPT?
A. Potassium chloride
B. Calcium carbonate
C. Sodium chloride
D. Sodium bicarbonate

Q. 34 Measures taken to prevent occurrence of disease?
A. Primary prevention
B. Secondary prevention
C. Tertiary prevention
D. All of the Above

Q. 35 Who was the chairman of health survey and planning committee?
A. AL Mudaliar
B. AK Mukherjee
C. MS Chadha
D. Joseph Bhore

Q. 36 The procedure of removal and ligation of fallopian tube is referred as?
A. Mastectomy
B. Tubectomy
C. Laparotomy
D. Vasectomy

Q. 37 Primary health center covers a population of __?
A. 5000
B. 10000
C. 30000
D. 60000

Q. 38 A table that shows how often different score appear in a set of score is called.?
A. Normal curve
B. Distribution
C. Histogram
D. Polygon

Q. 39 Number of New cases that occurs within a specific population within defined
time interval is __?
A. Point prevalence
B. Lifetime prevalence
C. Incidence
D. Period prevalence
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Q. 40 Sand-fly transmits?
A. Kala Azar
B. Enteric fever
C. Chagas disease
D. Bubonic plague

Q. 41 Communicable disease eradicated from India is __?
A. Rubella
B. Rabies
C. Chicken pox
D. Small pox

Q. 42 Hook worm enters the body through __?
A. Feco oral route
B. Respiratory tract
C. Through skin
D. Reproductive tract

Q. 43 Dose given for vitamin A deficiency prophylaxis is?
A. 1.5 Lac IU
B. 2 Lac IU
C. 2.5 Lac IU
D. 30000 IU

Q. 44 Expected weight of a child at one year whose birth weight was 3.5 Kg.?
A. 12.5 kg
B. 11.5 kg
C. 10.5 kg
D. 7.5 kg

Q. 45 The sum of the values of a variable for set of observations divided by number of
observations refers to __?
A. Median
B. Mode
C. Standard deviation
D. Mean

Q. 46 Reliability of a tool includes following features EXPECT?
A. Equivalence
B. Efficiency
C. Internal consistency
D. Stability

Q. 47 Which is the responsibility of state Nursing Council?
A. Formulation of objectives of Nursing care
B. Transfer of Nursing staff
C. Preparation of job description of Nursing staff
D. Implementation of INC standard of Nursing Education

Q. 48 The degree of consistency with which an instrument measure the attributes it is
supposed to measure?
A. Objectivity
B. Reliability
C. Sensitivity
D. Validity
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Q. 49 Which is not the element of communication.?
A. Sender
B. Channel
C. Massage
D. Attention

Q. 50 Which is the example of one way communication.?
A. Class lecture
B. Television lesson
C. Workshop
D. Group discussion
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