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                           AIIMS DEHLI NURSING OFFICER EXAM

                             SEPTEMBER 2017 QUESTION PAPER

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Q.01 Most Common Type of Shock in Trauma Patients-

Answer:- Hypovolemic Shock

Q.02 Spinal Medication Given at Which No Of Spine-

Answer :- L4-L5

Q.03 Which is Live attenuated vaccine –

Answer :- BCG 

Q.04 The injection haloperidol given intramuscular by which technique-

Answer :- Z- Track

Q.05 Initial thing that done by nurse during home visit:-

Answer :- Address The Purpose of Home Visit To Family Members.

Q.06 Most common cause of hypotension in trauma patients:-

Answer- Blood Loss

Q.07 Which blood group can be used in emergency or when desired blood group blood not available:-

Answer- Ó’ Negative OR Ö Positive Blood Group

Q.08 CSF draining from nose and ear occurs in which type of skull fracture;-

Answer – Basilar Skull Fracture

Q.09 Which Characters of stool indicates Normal Functioning of Ascending Colostomy-

Answer – Semi Solid Stool.

Q.10 ALLEN’S Test Done when;-

Answer – When Taking Arterial Blood Sample
Q.11 Normal planter reflex in adults Below image ;-

Image result for Normal plantar reflex in adults Below image

Answer- Curling of Toes (Flexon).

Q.12 In Vaccine Vial Monitor The Inner square is lighter than outer circle what to do-

Answer- Use The Vaccine

Q.13 Identify Below Given image ;-
Image result for Non-Rebreather Mask

Answer – Non-Rebreather Mask.

Q.14 Pentavalent vaccination site in infant:-

Answer – Anterolateral Mid Thigh.

Q.15 Peptic ulcer caused by which organism;-

Answer – Helicobacter pylori.

Q.16 GIT tract inner mucosa made up of-

Answer –GIT Mucosa – Epithelium Tissues

Q.17 While installing ear drop in adult client the pinna of ear pull:-

Answer- Upward and Backward

Q.18 Look at Below given image and identify the correct type of breech Presentation;-

Image result for Frank Breech

Answer – Frank Breech

Q.19. Identify the article in Below given image;-
Image result for Automated CPR machine

Answer – Chest Decompressor OR(Automatic CPR Machine)

Q.20 Identify the abnormality in ECG paper Given below image ;-

Image result for Ventricular Tachycardia.

Answer- Ventricular Tachycardia.

Q.21 Identify the conjugate BELOW ;-

Image result for Diagonal Conjugate

Answer – Diagonal Conjugate


Q.22 What is the management of problem shown in ECG paper Given below image ;-

Image result for ventricular fibrillation ecg

Answer – ventricular fibrillation MGT-.Defibrillation.

Q.23 Look at Below given image and identify what is the nurse is doing:-

Answer - Expression Of The Placenta By Fundal Pressure

Q.24 Identify Below given image ;-

Image result for Incentive Spirometer

Answer – Incentive Spirometer

Q.25 See Below given image and identify the correct obstetric grip-

Image result for fundal grips

Answer – Pawlik’s Grip.

Q.26 See Below image and Identify disease by IMAGE :-

Related image

Answer – Kwashiorkor

Q.27 Which type of Memory loss occurs in Alzheimer’s disease ;-

Answer – Remote Memory loss.

Q.28 Which Manifestation not present in parkinsonism;-

Answer –

Q.29 Which type of WBC increase in Allergic Condition ;-

Answer – Eosinophils

Q.30 PAP Smear is used for ;-

Answer – Screening Test For Cervical Cancer.

Q.31 MONTOUX TEST is used for:-

Answer - Screening Test For Tuberculosis.

Q.32 First official Anesthetic Nurse;-

Answer – Sister Mary Bernard.

Q.33 Longest bone of Human Body is ;-

Answer – Femur.

Q.34 Tumor marker for pancreatic cancer is:-

Answer - CA-19-9 Antigen.
Q.35 How many chambers in human;-

Answer- 4 chambers

Q.36 BIND –M(A Modified bilirubin induced Neurologic Dysfunction Algorithm) Test done to Detect:

Answer- Hyperbilirubinemia

Q.37 Which vitamin most likely to be deficit in full thickness burn injury;-

Answer – Vitamin – D

Q.38Which Hormone increase serum calcium level:-

Answer – Parathyroid Hormone

Q.39 Normal Operation theater Temperature is ;-

Answer- 18 to 21°C

Q.40 Normal Anion gap is ;-

Answer- 8-16 mEq/L

Q.41 Patient has plaster cast the nurse should assess patient extremity for detection of complication compartment syndrome;-

Answer – Skin color Below Cast.

Q.42 Outer most layer of brain is:

Answer – Dura Matter.

Q.43 Which statement regarding iv cannula size and color incorrect;-

Answer- 24 Or Gray.

Q.44 Excessive drooling in child indicative of:-

Answer- Trecheo-Oesophagus Fistula.

Q.45 IN hemodialysis nurse should monitor iv access site for;-

Answer- Bruit

Q.46 Hormone responsible for ovum maturation;-

Answer- FSH.

Q.47 Which nerve supplies diaphragm;-
Answer- Phrenic Nerve.

Q.48 Method to remove foreign body airway obstruction in infant;-

Answer- Back Blow.

Q.49 Most common type of injury in 2-3 year child;-

Answer – Fall.

Q.50. Most of Nutrient and Water Absorbed in;-

Answer- Small Intestine.

Q.51 An unconscious patient move extremities spontaneously, open eye with pain, and speak inappropriate word what is the GCS;-

Answer – 11

Q.52 A Child experiencing Headache, Lethargy ,Nausea, Vomiting what is appropriate investigation;-

Answer – CSF Analysis

Q.53 LMP 9 Jan 2017 What will be EDD ?

Answer – 16 October 2017

Q.54 NORMAL Endotracheal suction time;-

Answer – 10-15 Second.

Q.55 Prescriptions 125mg atropine available 500mg in 2ml how many amount should give to patient by 1 ml syringe have 40 dots;-

Answer- 20 Dots.

Q.56 Which Hormone decrease serum calcium level;-

Answer -Calcitonin
Q.57 Which type of contraceptive method contraindicated In unmarried Girl;-

Answer – IUD’S

Q.58 In ABCDE of trauma patient the word ‘D’ Stands for;-

Answer – Disability

Q.59 Positive kerning’s sign indicates;-

Answer -Meningitis

Q.60 According to AHA guideline 2015 the compression ventilation ratio in adult is ;-

Answer – 30:2

Q.61 Imaginary filling of memory gap is known as;-

Answer – Confabulation

Q.62 An infant have 3 kg weight at birth what is the expected weight after 1 year ;-

Answer – 9kg.

Q.63 Sense of unfamiliar with familiar situation;-

Answer -JAMISVU.

Q.64 Responsibility of nurse during caring the patient with anorexia nervosa:

Answer - Supervise during mealtimes and for 2 hours specified period after meals.

Q.65 Most common method to break infection chain:-

Answer – Hand Washing.

Q.66 What to do first if blood transfusion reactions arise;-

Answer – Stop The Blood Transfusion Immediately.

Q.67 Gonorrhea so difficult to prevent in women because of ;-


Q.68 Which statement has most priority during blood transfusion ;-

Answer – Run The Blood At Slow Rate For Initial Few Minutes.

Q.69 Example of isotonic fluid ;-

Answer – RL.

Q.70 Scabies disease is:-

Answer – Highly Contagious

Q.71 Persistent worry or complaints regarding physical illness without supportive physical findings Repeatedly visiting a health care provider despite repeated reassurance and normal test results;-

Answer – Somatoform Disorder

Q.72 Mannitol is which type of diuretic ;-

Answer – Osmotic Diuretics

Q.73 A Patient admitted in psychiatric ward and do not recognize his family members and ask who are these person the nurse anticipates that patient suffering from:-

Answer – Dissociative Disorder

Q.74 Neural Tube Defects due to Deficiency of which Vitamin ;-

Answer – Folic Acid.

Q.75 Drug of Choice in cardiac arrest:-

Answer ;- Amiodarone

Q.76 Drug Of Choice In anaphylactic Reaction IS ;-

Answer – Epinephrine

Q. 77 Additional calorie Needed in Pregnancy is ;-

Answer- 300 Kcal.

Q.78 Additional fluid Requirement in Neonate who is placed on Radiant Warmer is ;-

Answer – 40-80ml/kg/Day.

Q.79 Child with psychiatric illness misses the school and his parent give reason for this that child have jaundice why ;-

Answer – Stigma In Society Related To Psychiatric Illness.

Q.80 Which Anti-Tubercular Drug is not hepatotoxic ;-

Answer – Ethambutol.

Q.81 Prior Nursing Action While Caring Infant with Meningocele;-

Answer – Prevent The Sac From Infection.

Q.82 Characteristics of stool in Typhoid;-

Answer – Pea Soup Stool.

Q.83 +1 station indicates That ;-

Answer – Presenting Part Slightly Below Ischial Spine

Q.84 Movement of Part Towards Body known as:-

Answer – Adduction

Q.85 Helium mixture O2 used for ;-

Answer – heliox generates less airway resistant then air.

Q. 86 Which vaccine Not a part of National Immunization schedule ;-

Answer – Influenza Vaccine

Q.87 Regulatory center for CVS and Respiratory is ;-

Answer – Medulla Oblongata

Q.88 Best site for Pulse palpation in Unconscious Patient is ;-

Answer – Carotid Pulse

Q.89 The child say that there is beer in by room, nurse on THE light of room and then see there is towel folded on chair what the nurse anticipates that child experience:-

Answer – Illusion

Q.90 Which lead best in Measurement of Arrhythmia ;-

Answer – v1

Q.91 What Amount of VIT-A Dose given to a 2 year old child:-

Answer – 2 Lac IU.

Q.92 Antibody Present in Breast Milk is :-

Answer – Ig-A
Q.93 A patient has GIT bleeding and INR raised what should give to patient;-

Answer – Vitamin K

Q. 94 Which communicable disease Eradicated from India;-

Answer – Small Pox.

Q.95 A patient have blood glucose 600mg/dl with HTN and Glycosuria without ketone the nurse Anticipates that the patient experiencing;-

Answer – Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar.

Q. 96 Energy Transfer type in cell is ;-

Answer – ATP.

Q.97 Which index used to determine the effectiveness of contraceptive method;-

Answer – Pearl Index.

Q.98 The purpose of bladder irrigation is:-

Answer – To Remove Blood and Clots

Q.99 Which drug can cause hearing loss while patient receiving Anti-TB Therapy for Tubercular Meningitis:-

Answer – Aminoglycosides.

Q.100 Drug Of Choice in OPOIDS poisoning is :-

Answer – Naloxone


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