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Q.1 You have been asked to  formulate a research questions using the PICO format. which one of the following is correct _
A. 'P' stands for protocol 
B. 'I' stands for individuals 
C. 'C' stands for comparison.
D. 'O' stands for  opportunity 

Q.2 which of the following health care activity in secondary prevention?
A.  Immunization of children 
B. Advice on safe sex practice to Adolescents 
C. Giving medications to patients in the ward.
D. Screening for lipid disorders in adults 

Q.3 Which of the following statement is an Example of subjective data  ?

A. Blood Pressure in right arm, Supine Position, 130/90mm Hg

B. patients says, "I am having Nausea".
C. Sister's note on file " patient had redness over left lateral malleolus "
D. oral temperature 39° Centigrade

Q.4  which is the Highest level of Need in ' Maslow 's Hierarchy of basic Human needs.?
A. self Esteem

B. Safety and security
C. self sacrifice
D. self - actualization.

Q.5  Mrs Mehta tells her friend that she is having fever, cough, muscleaches and will not go to work but rest at home. her illness behaviour is at the level of _
A. Assuming a sick role

B. Becoming a patient
C. Achieving Recovery
D. Experiencing symptoms.

Q. 6 The Example that most closely defines a disability is _
A. loss of limb

B. Injury to a limb
C. Inability to walk.
D. Unemployment

Q.7 An Inturn orders intravenous morphine for a case of head injury. knowing that morphine may be harmful in the case, the nurse does not administer the injection but asks for confirmation from the senior Doctor. she has followed the bioethics principle of _
A. Sincerity

B. Non - maleficence.
C. Autonomy
D. Fidelity

Q. 8 In trying to Relieve the pain of a patient, the Nursing sister asks him to identify a really happy scene, he has experienced. This is called -
A. Guided imagery.

B. Relaxation therapy
C. Hypnosis
D. Transcentlenta Maliation

Q.9 In a Hospital following Age group Child Admitted affected by Influenza.

Than which of the following statement by Nurse is correct  ?

A. The Mode is 17.4 Years

B. The mean is 17 Years
C. The median is 17 Years.
D. The median is 17.5 Years

Q. 10 On seeing an elderly lady misplace her spectacles a nurse tells her colleague " All old people are forgetful. " Her comment is a form of _
A. Eulogy

B. Denial
C. Racism
D. stereotyping.

Q. 11  A 75 Year's old Unconscious Patient bring in Emergency. The Patient's Head CT Scan Report and "CSF Examination is Normal. but the patient have Diagnosis of 'Left Lung Pneumonia '. In this Clinical situation which of the following principle is Highlights.  ?
A. CSF is Normal in Unconscious patients

B. If CT of head is Normal, CSF will also Normal
C. Unconsciousness is common in Pneumonia.
D. Presentation of disease is typical in elderly

Q. 12  The Suction pressure for performing nasopharyngeal Suctioning through a wall based suction unit in an adult patient should be adjusted to __
A. 100 - 120 mmHg.

B. 140 - 150 mmHg
C. 60 - 80 mmHg
D. 40 - 50 mmHg

Q. 13 The Method of case Documentation in nursing that use data, action and response in the narrative is called __
A. Focus charting.

B. Case management model
C. Problem oriented medical record
D. charting by protocol

Q. 14 Which of The following statement is True About " Auscultation of the chest ".  ?
A. Rhonchi are common over a pleural effusion

B. Rhonchi are characteristics of heart failure
C. Crepitations are characteristics of pleural effusion
D. Crepitations are common in heart failure.

Q. 15 A patient is Admitted with acute myocardial infarction on 20th June at 8:00 am. His condition improves on 22nd June and he is discharged on 25th June. The Discharge planning begins on __
A. 20th June

B. 22nd June.
C. 24th June
D. 25th June

Q. 16  which of the following Nursing Outcome Statement is Correctly written  ?
A. Tell the Relatives of the patient, he is critically ill

B. In the next 24 hours, the Patient's fluid intake will total 1000 ml.
C.  Patient can drink 200 ml water, if he feel thirsty
D.  The patient must learn how to administer insulin

Q.17 Mrs.Geeta is caring for her 90 years old mother - in - law. At home visit, the nurse observe that geeta is having symptoms of caregiver stress. Her plan will be to _
A. suggest shifting her Mother-in-law to hospital

B. Refer Mrs.Geeta to a psychiatrist
C. Give Mrs.Geeta a sedative
D. Plan respite care for Mrs.Geeta.

Q. 18  One of the following is NOT included in standard precaution in health care settings. __
A. Performing hand hygiene

B. Wearing a N95 mask
C.Avoiding recapping of used needles.
D. Practicing proper cough etiquette

Q. 19 " Clubbing of the Nails " Finding is found in which of the following disease conditions  ?
A. Vitamin B12 deficiency

B. Iron deficiency Anaemia
C. Cynotic Heart disease.
D. Rheumatic heart disease

Q. 20  The uterine fundus height of a pregnant patient is at the level of umbilicus her pregnancy is about __
A. 10-12 weeks

B. 14-16 weeks
C. 20-24 weeks.
D. 30-32 weeks

Q. 21 A Patient oral temperature is 37° C. than which of the following statement will be True __

A. Rectal temperature will be 37.5°C.

B. Rectal temperature will be 36.5°C
C. Axillary temperature will be  37° C
D. Axillary temperature will be 38°C

Q.22  The minimal score possible on the Glasgow coma scale is __

A. 1

B. 2
C. 3.
D. 5

Q. 23  The "Main focus"  of Health care team in Rehabilitation program conducted in community is on __

A. Patient's functional disabilities

B. Underlying disease that led to disability
C. Patient's functional Abilities.
D. Risk factors that predisposed to the disability

Q. 24 A terminally ill cancer patient has lapsed into unconsciousness. After discussion with the Relatives, the physician whitholds all medications. The Patient dies on the next day. This process is --

A. Assisted suicide

B. Genocids
C. Terminal wearing
D. Passive euthanasia.

Q. 25  A Nurse is caring a patient diagnosis of Seasonal Influenza.  the patient had to send Radiology department for CT Scan. According to Nurse which statement is True.    ?

A. The patient does not need to wear a mask during transport

B. The patient must wear a N-95 mask during transport
C. The patient must not be transported out of the ward
D. The patient must wear a surgical mask during transport.

Q. 26  In caring for a patient with a meningococcal meningitis, You will use __

A. Standard and droplet precautions.

B. Standard and airborne precautions
C. Standard precaution alone
D. Standard and contact precautions

Q. 27 The Recommended Sequence for Removal of personal protective equipment on leaving a Patient's room is _

A. Gloves Removed first, Gown removed last

B. Gown removed first, Gloves removed last
C. Gloves removed first, mask removed last.
D. Mask removed first, Gloves removed last

Q. 28  What is Use of "HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)  Filters"  ?

A. Oxygen delivery in invasive ventilation

B. Preventing air Bubbles in blood transfusion
C.Preventing airborne transmission of tuberculosis.
D.Administering nebulised bronchodialators

Q. 29 Performance of active range of motion exercise by a patient admitted in the ward will result in __

A. Reduction of pain.

B. Reduction of weight
C. Nerve regeneration
D.improvement in muscle strength

Q.30  The patient whose Clinical condition needs monitoring and support of at least two or more organ system should be admitted to __

A. The Intensive Care unit.

B. The medical ward
C. The palliative care unit
D. The high dependency unit

Q. 31  Normally, The one unit of blood is transfusion within 4 hours. According to the nurse what is the main purpose of this __

A. To Prevent fluid overload

B. To prevent Bacterial growth.
C. To prevent a hemolytic transfusion reaction
D. To prevent hypothermia

Q. 32 The Rationale for asking a patient to breathe in and hold breath for 3 second during incentive spirometry is to __

A. Help Re- expansion of alveoli.

B. Produce hypercarbia
C. Reduce pain at incision site
D.Mobilize secretions

Q.33 A 60 kg patient is to be given intravenous Nitroglycerin (NTG) at the rate of 10 micrograms per minute. A 50 ml syringe contain 25 milligrams of NTG. The rate of syringe infusion pump will be set at __

A. 2.4ml/hr

B. 0.12ml/hr.
C. 1.8ml/hr
D. 0.6ml/hr

Q.34  Identify the correct angle of insertion for different parenteral routes __

A. 10° is for an intradermal  injection.

B. 25° is for a subcutaneous injection
C. 30° is for an intramuscular injection
D. 60° is for an intramuscular injection

Q.35 A patient is found to have a reddened area of skin with serum filled blister formation. The wound is staged as __

A. stage -I

B. stage - II.
C. stage -III
D. stage - IV

Q.36 which of the following "oxygen delivery system" provide Maximum concentration of oxygen to a patient.  ?

A. Nasal cannula

B. Venturi mask.
C. Non- rebreather mask
D. Partial - rebreather mask

Q. 37 A drain that is used for drainage of bile after an open cholecystectomy is __

A. Penrose

B. T- tube.
C. Hemovac
D. Jackson Pratt

Q. 38 Mrs. Madhu is on oral anticoagulant (warfarin)  for the prevention of pulmonary embolism. The blood test for monitoring the dose of warfarin is ___

A. D- dimer

B. Partial Thromboplastin time (PTT)
C. International Normalised Ratio (INR).
D. Clotting time (CT)

Q. 39 Which is the use of "Trapeze Device"  __

A. To keep the feet in dorsiflexion

B. To lift the body to sitting position by the patient.
C. To prevent the patient falling off the bed
D. Elevation of legs of the patient

Q. 40. The dressing material product that is NOT recommended for use in infected wound is __

A. Alginate

B. Collagen
C. Hydrocolloid.
D. Hydrogel

Q. 41 Which of the following chart/Instrument is used for Distance vision Assessment __

A. Snellen chart.

B. Jeger chart
C. ophthalmoscope
D. Ishihara chart

Q.42 Which Term is Use for Physical Activity done by a patient during Activity of daily living (ADL)___?

A. Isotonic Exercise

B. Isometric Exercise
C. Isokinetic Exercise
D. Endurance Exercise.

Q. 43 The "Logrolling"  of a patient is done in case of __

A. spine fracture.

B. femur fracture
C. Rib fracture
D. clavicle fracture

Q. 44 According to the rule of nine, A 40 years old patient who has burns over the front of chest and abdomen has about ___

A. 9% burns

B. 18% burns.
C. 24% burns
D. 36% burns

Q. 45 Which of the following "Device / Instrument"  is used in Cervical - spinal cord injuries ____?

A. Milwaukee brace

B. Ilizarov device
C. Halo vest.
D. Buck's extension traction

Q. 46 The correct colour code triage system of disaster patients are as under __

A. Blue colour - Minor injuries

B. Green colour - Minor injuries.
C. Yellow colour - Critical ill
D. white colour - dead patient

Q. 47 You are ordered to prepare a mixture of regular insulin and NPH insulin. After injecting the required amount of air into the vials, You begin to withdraw the insulin into the syringe. The principals are __

A. NPH Insulin is filled first

B. You must never mix NPH with regular insulin
C. Regular insulin is filled first.
D. The sequence of filling is not important

Q. 48 A patient weight 80 kg has to be administered dopamine as an intravenous infusion through a Micro - drip set at the rate of 10 micrograms /kg/minute. 400 milligram of dopamine is mixed in 500ml of Normal saline. If 60 Microdrops = 1 millilitre, the calculated drop rate will be __

A. 30 Microdrops/minute

B. 60 Microdrops/minute.
C. 90 Microdrops/minute
D. 120 Microdrops /minute

Q. 49 The nurse obtains the rectal temperature of an adult. which rectal temperature is within the expected range  ?

A. 101.2°F

B. 99.8° F.
C. 96.4° F
D. 97.6°F

Q. 50 Which is the used of "Z - Track technique"  of Intramuscular injection __?

A.  To Reduce pain

B. To  prevent backward leakage of the medication.
C. To Avoid puncturing a blood vessels
D. To allow the drug to be spread over a large area of tissue

Q. 51  Correct Combination of below given sentence_

I know a man. The man has a wooden leg.

A. I know a wooden legs man

B. The man knows I have a wooden leg
C. I know a man who has a wooden leg.
D. A man with a wooden leg know me

Q. 52 Which one of the following is in past tense __

A. I shall love

B. we love
C. I loved.
D. we shall love

Q. 53 which of following sentence is in 'Active voice ' _

A. Renu is loved by ram

B. sita loves savitri.
C. By whom was this done
D. The gate was opened by the poen

Q. 54 Which is Correctly framed sentence  ?

A. I met an women in the market

B. He gave the boy a orange
C. He opened a umbrella in the rain
D. The traitor is an enemy of the state.

Q. 55 Find the "Pronoun"  Below given sentence.

"That idea of yours is excellent."

A. That

B. Idea
C. Excellent
D. Yours.

Q. 56  The Director said, " He was worked hard and has been a good employee but success has turned his head. " It means __

A. He has mental stress due to excess work 

B. His success has made him humble 
C. He was hard working but now he does not work hard 
D. His success has made him proud.

Q.57 Below are 4 sets of nouns. identify the set which contains only common nouns __

A. Mumbai, King,Chair 

B. Seema, Chandigarh, Sunday 
C. France, Army, Ocean 
D. Girl, City, County.

Q.58  Which of The following is correct pair of "Animal and their Child (Young) ___

A. Cat and cub 

B. Dog and Doggy 
C. Cow and stag 
D. sheep and Lamb.

Q. 59 The Doctor said,"  Mr.Raman passed away yesterday evening. He means that Mr.Raman has __

A. Gone away yesterday evening 

B.Passed the examination yesterday evening 
C. Died yesterday evening. 
D. Been Discharged yesterday 

Q. 60 Fill correct word in the Blank space -

"The  boys who _____lazy have been punished." 

A. was 

B. is
C. Am
D. were.

Q. 61 Which of the following is correct pair of singular and plural form ___

A. Lady and ladies. 

B. Ox and Ox's 
C. Mouse and mouses 
D. Wolf and Wolf's 

Q. 62 The correct combination of the word and the part of speech to which it belongs is __

A."We" is noun 

B. "And"  is a preposition 
C. " Caught " is a Noun 
D. " Boyish " is an adjective.

Q. 63 The two sentences are to be converted into one _

" He will be late. That is certain. "
Identity the grammatically correct sentence __

A. Certainly that he will be late. 

B. Late it is certain he will be 
C. It is certain that he will be late 
D. Late he will be certainly 

Q. 64 Which of the following is correct pair of "Masculine and Feminine" __

A. Cock and chick 

B. Bull and Bullock 
C. Lion and Cub 
D. Gender and Goose.

Q. 65 Identity the correctly paired opposite __

A. Old : Aged 

B. Clean : Cleanest 
C. Beautiful : Dark 
D. Wild : Tame.

Q. 66 Identify the sentence in which all punctuation marks  are correctly placed _

"Seema said how are you means said I am fine." 

A. Seema Said, " How are you. Meena said, I am fine "

B. Seema said, " How are you, " Meena said, "I am fine?" 
C. Seema said, "How are You?" Meena said, "I am fine".. 
D. Seema said, "How are you. Meena Said, I am fine." 

Q. 67 Identify the adjective in the sentence _

" He gave me five mangoes. "

A. He 

B. Five.
C. Gave 
D. Mangoes 

Q. 68 Which is Correctly structured sentence? 

A. He is oldest than his sisters 

B. He is older more than his sisters 
C. He is older than his sisters.
D. Older than his sisters is he 

Q.69 You are writing a personal letter to your father whose name is suresh chand.  You will begin the letter with the salutation __

A. My dear father.

B. loving father suresh 
C. Dear Mr.Suresh chand,My father 
D. Your loving daughter 

Q. 70  " Make hay while the sun shines " means __

A. Make the best out of a limited opportunity. 

B. If the sun shines, the harvest will be good 
C. Sunshine is good for all 
D. It is best to work in the sunshine 


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