NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam August 2019 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam August 2019 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based]

Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam August 2019 Question Paper PDF[Memory Based] . NIMHANS Conduct Nursing Officer Grade- II Recruitment Exam on August  04  2019 Exam . The Exam was Held on 04 August 2019 . Now You Can Download this Question Paper PDF with Answer Keys  from Our Website . Download Link are given below

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➤Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam August 2019 Question Paper PDF-

➧Download NIMHANS Staff Nurse Exam August 2019 Question Paper PDF-
[Memory Based]

Q.1 A 28 year old male client is admitted to the hospital for a suspected brain tumor. While assessing this client, the nurse would keep in mind that the most reliable index of the cerebral status is-
A. Deep tendon reflexes
B. Level of Consciousness✔
C. Pupil response
D. Muscle strength

Q.2 Following admission to the hospital, a diagnosis of increasing intracranial pressure was made. The nursing intervention appropriate in the care of this client is to-
A. Teach controlled coughing and deep breathing
B. Provide a quiet and brightly lit environment
C. Elevate the head 15 to 30 degrees✔
D. Encourage the intake of clear fluids

Q.3 The nurse has orders to administer Phenytoin (Dilantin) 100 mg IV as an anticoagulant. The priority action while administering this drug is to-
A. Administer the drug as quickly as possible to prevent a seizure
B. Assess for infiltration of the drug✔
C. Assess for effects of the drug
D. Check pupil dilation of the client to detect for overdose

Q.4 The most appropriate nursing action to a depressed patient who do not want to join a group is to-
A. Tell her the rules of the unit are that no client can remain in bed
B. Suggest she better get out of the bed or she will go hungry later
C. Tell her that the nurse will assist her out of bed and help her to dress✔
D. Allow her to remain in bed until she feels ready to join the other clients

Q.5 Another tentative diagnosis made to the client is Wernicke's Encephalopathy. If the client has this, the nurse anticipates that the first physician's order will include-
A. Ordering an MRI
B. Administering a steroid medication, such as Decadron
C. Giving Thiamine 100 mg IM STAT✔
D. Ordering an EEG

Q.6 A 35 year old man was in an automobile accident with admitting diagnosis of head injury. He has a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 3-5-4. Upon MRI and CT Scan, brain tumor was also suspected. He was with another person who had sustained head contusion. The nurse's understanding of this test is that the client-
A. Can Follow simple commands
B. Will make no attempt to vocalize
C. Is unconscious
D. Is able to open his eyes when spoken to✔

Q.7 The client is to take lithium regularly after she is discharged from the hospital. The Nursing care plan includes discharge planning. The most important information to impart to the client and his family is that the client should-
A. Have an adequate intake of sodium✔
B. Limit his fluid intake
C. Have a limited intake of sodium
D. Not eat foods that have a high tyramine content (e.g. Cheese, wine, liver, yeast) or drink alcohol

Q.8 For a client with a cerebrovascular accident, which of the following criteria must be fulfilled before the client is fed-
A. The client swallowing small sips of water without coughing
B. The gag reflex returns✔
C. Cranial nerves III, IV and VI are intact
D. Speech returns to normal

Q.9 Which of the following are solutions available for high level disinfection of soiled
A. Alcohol
B. Chlorine
C. Glutaraldehyde✔
D. Formaldehyde

Q.10 Myasthenia crisis and cholinergic crisis are the major complications of Myasthenia Gravis. Which of the following is essential nursing knowledge when caring for a client in crisis?
A. Loss of body function creates high levels of anxiety and fear
B. Cholinergic drugs should be administered to prevent further complications associated
with the crisis
C. The clinical condition of the client usually improves after several days of treatment
D. Weakness and paralysis of the muscles for swallowing and breathing occur in either✔

Q. 11 Priority nursing Assessment in Anorexia nervosa-
A. Social isolation
B. Family problem
C. Depression due to body image
D. Health issues✔

Q.12 Neonatal vigorous sectioning leads to-
A. Reflex tachycardia
B. Reflex bradycardia✔
C. Reflex Tachypnoea
D. Reflex Bradypnea

Q.13 First way you assess a full thickness burn?
A. Observation✔
B. Auscultation
C. Palpation
D. Percussion

Q.14 A patient with increased sodium. What will you do first-
A. Give isotonic solutions
B. More oral clear fluids✔
C. Give Hypotonic fluids
D. Give hypertonic fluids

Q.15 In teaching about pain management, a nurse Educator should discuss?
A. The need to use pain medication only when absolutely necessary✔
B. The pain medication will be ordered according to the patient need
C. How the method of pain medication administration can be altered after surgery
D. The use of a patient controlled device that will deliver medication to the patient whenever he wants it


Q.16 The enters the room of a patient who is in the clonic phase of a tonic-clonic seizure. The initial nursing action should be to-
A. Insert a padded mouth gag
B. Place some padding under the head✔
C. Gently restrain the limbs
D. Obtain equipment for orotracheal suctioning

Q.17 Complications of last stage of Labour includes all EXCEPT?
B. Obstructed labour✔
C. Retained placenta
D. Uterine inversion

Q.18 Which is not an Antipsychotic?
A. Risperidone
B. Diazepam✔
C. Clonazepam
D. Haloperidol

Q.19 Indication of ECT
A. Schizophrenia
B. Old age with depression
C. Adolescent with depression✔

Q.20 Excessive vomiting will cause?
A. Acidosis
B. Alkalosis✔

Q.21 To whom will you give priority care?
A. Patient of third day of post MI✔
B. Patient of 24th postoperative day after appendicitis

Q.22 What is Sex Ratio?
Answer- Sex Ratio is used to describe the number of females per 1000 of males.

Q.23 Complication of Lumbar laminectomy is-
Answer- Loss of sensation in lower limbs, paralysis, and/or bowel/bladder incontinence

Q.24 First/Early sign of Myasthenia Gravis is-
Answer- Diplopia

Q.25 Suction pressure used for newborns in labour room?
Answer- -60 to -80 mmHg
For infants- -80 to -100 mmHg

Q.26 Drug of choice for a 14 year old child with depression?
Answer- Fluoxetine

Q.27 Cause of Parkinson’s disease is-
Answer- Depletion in Dopamine level

Q.28 Drug of choice in Trigeminal neuralgia is-
Answer- Carbamazepine

Q.29 The Volume of Enema used in infants?
Answer- 100-150 ml
(It is recommended that 6ml/kg of body weight and not more than 135 ml)

Q.30 What is Asthma-
Answer- Breathing difficulty due to bronchoconstriction

Q.31 Sausage shaped abdominal mass during palpation indicative of-
Answer- Intussusception

Q.32 Cardinal Signs of Eclampsia is-
Answer- Hypertension, Proteinuria and Seizures

Q.33 Which immunoglobulin is mediated by type 1 hypersensitivity reaction-
Answer- IgE immunoglobulin

Q.34 Neurogenic bladder home care management-
Answer- Clean Intermittent catheterization

Q.35 What is Psychology?
Answer- Psychology is the study of behavior and mind

Q.36 Urine test purpose during first antenatal exam-
Answer- Identify puss cells in the urine

Q.37 Clear fluid leakage through ear and nose after 3 hours of the head injury indicates?
Answer- Basal Skull Fracture

Q.38 Megaloblastic Anemia is caused by-
Answer- Deficiency of Vitamin B12

Q.39 Therapeutic lithium dose is-
Answer- 900-1500 mcg

Q.40 Physiological Jaundice occurs after-
Answer- 30 to 72 hours

Q.41 Normal head circumference of newborn is-
Answer- 35 cm

Q.42 The Condition in which inability to experience pleasure from pleasurable situation?
Answer- Anhedonia

Q.43 Delusion of grandeur is seen in-
Answer- Mania

Q.44 Sign of increased ICP in infants-
Answer- Bulged fontanelle

Q.45 Side effects of Disulfiram sulphate is-
Answer- Palpitations, Low blood pressure, chest pain, Nausea and vomiting, Vertigo, Thirst, Flushing, Headache

Q.46 The Sign positive in DVT?
Answer- Homan's sign

Q.47 RhoGAM (Anti D) dose after delivery is-
Answer- 300 mcg or 1500 IU

Q.48 Reason for presbyopia-
Answer- Hardening of lens

Q.49 The ligament that connects breasts to axilla is-
Answer- Cooper's ligament

Q.50 Management of extracellular fluid loss?
Answer- Replacement with isotonic solutions such as RL/NS

Q.51 A person diagnosed with SDH and having continuous vomiting. What is the most probable contraindication for LP for this client-?
Answer - Increased ICP

Q.52 What will you assess a patient with abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Answer- A pulsation feeling in the abdomen

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