Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 25 with Answer

Download Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper 25 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam

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Q. 01 To promote comfort during labor, Nurse advises a client to assume certain
positions and avoid other. Which position may cause maternal hypotension and fetal
A. Lateral position
B. Supine position
C. Standing position
D. Squatting position
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Q. 02 In which condition, the umbilical cord is attached to the margins of placenta.?
A. Placenta membranacra
B. Battledore placenta
C. Circumvallate placenta
D. Velamentous placenta

Q. 03 What is positive signs of pregnancy.?
A. Frequency of urination
B. Fetal outline by sonography
C. Braxton hicks contraction
D. Vomiting and headache

Q. 04 According to WHO when should the mother start breastfeeding her infant.?
A. Within 18 hours after birth
B. Within 30 Minutes after birth
C. After infants condition stabilizes
D. Within a day after birth

Q. 05 An Important landmark of the pelvis that determines the distance of the descent
of the Head is known as.?
A. Sacrum
B. Ischial spines
C. Ischial tuberosities
D. Linea terminalis
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Q. 06 Monitoring Contractions is very important during labor. To monitor the uterine
Contractions, what should the nurse do.?
A. Offer ice chips to the woman
B. Spread the fingers lightly over the fundus to monitor the contraction
C. Instruct the client take note of the duration of her contraction
D. Observe for the client's facial expressions to know that the contraction has
started or stopped

Q. 07 The peak point of uterine contraction is called.?
A. Deceleration
B. Axiom
C. Acme
D. Acceleration

Q. 08 Nurse Rashmi is aware that the labor is divided into how many stages.?
A. Two
B. Three
C. Four
D. Five

Q. 09 The indication of forceps delivery is __?
A. Delay in second stage due to hypotonic uterine contraction
B. Delay in first stage due to hypotonic uterine contraction
C. Delay in first stage due to hypertonic uterine contraction
D. Delay in second stage due to hypertonic uterine contraction

Q. 10 Which of the following fetal positions is most favorable for birth.?
A. Vertex
B. Oblique lie
C. Frank breech presentation
D. Posterior position of the Head

Q. 11 Which of the following condition is common to pregnant clients in the second
trimester of pregnancy.?
A. Breast abscess
B. Physiological Anemia
C. Respiratory alkalosis
D. Metabolic acidosis

Q. 12 During a regular prenatal visit, A pregnant client reports heartburn. To
minimize her discomfort, Nurse should include which suggestions in the plan of
A. Drink more citrus juice
B. Limit fluid intake sharply
C. Take sodium bicarbonate
D. Eat small frequent meals

Q. 13 When is the best time to achieve pregnancy.?
A. 14 days before the next period is expected
B. 14 Days after the beginning of period
C. Midway between 7 to 8th day of Ovulation
D. Immediately after starting of menses

Q.14 Which of the following factors might result in a decreased supply of breast milk
in a postpartum mother.?
A. Maternal diet high in vitamin C
B. Supplemental feedings with formula
C. An alcoholic drinks
D. Frequent feeding

Q. 15 Charu is hospitalized for the treatment of severe preeclampsia. Which of the
following represents an unusual finding for this condition.?
A. Generalized edema
B. Convulsions
C. Proteinuria 4+
D. Blood pressure of 160/110
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Q. 16 Seven weeks after the conception the growing structure inside a uterus is now
A. Neonate
B. Zygote
C. Embryo
D. Fetus

Q. 17 True labor is characterized by ____?
A. Suprapubic discomfort at regular intervals
B. Effacement and dilatation of cervix
C. Painful uterine contraction
D. All of the Above

Q. 18 Aspermia is a term used to describe.?
A. Decrease of semen
B. Absence of sperm
C. Occurrence of abnormal sperm
D. Increase in semen

Q. 19 Which of the following would the nurse identify as a presumptive sign of
A. Goodell's sign
B. Nausea and vomiting
C. Cervical Effacement
D. Positive serum pregnancy test

Q. 20 Neonates born to woman infected with Hepatitis B should undergo.?
A. Hepatitis B vaccine at birth and 1 month
B. Hepatitis B immune globulin within 12 hours of birth, hepatitis B vaccine
at birth, 1 month and 6 months
C. Hepatitis B immune globulin at birth, no hepatitis vaccine
D. Hepatitis B immune globulin within 48 hours of birth and hepatitis B vaccine at
1st month

Q. 21 Oxytocin causes all EXCEPT __
A. Myoepithelial cell contraction
B. Contraction of uterine muscles
C. Lactogenesis
D. Milk ejection

Q. 22 A Nurse is caring for a 16 year old pregnant client. The client is taking an iron
supplements. What should this client drink to increase the absorption of iron.?
A. A liquid antacid
B. A glass of orange juice
C. A glass of milk
D. A cup of hot tea

Q. 23 The permanent cessation of menstruation is called.?
A. Amenorrhea
B. Oligomenorrhea
C. Hypomenorrhea
D. Menopause

Q. 24 In A lady having a regular 28 Days menstrual cycle, what is the safe period.?
A. First and last seven days
B. Initial 28 Days
C. Later 14 days
D. First seven days

Q. 25 Which one of the following is the ideal contraceptive for a patient with heart
A. E-Pills
B. Oral contraceptive pills
C. Depo-Provera
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Q. 26 Postoperatively to help relieve the anxiety of a young school age child the nurse
should ____?
A. Tell a story about a child with similar surgery
B. Provide the child with bandages, tape, scissors and a doll
C. Allow the child time to talk about feelings
D. Ask the mother to room with the child for a few days

Q. 27 As a child with nephrosis gets older and has repeated attacks, it is most
important for the nurse to help the child develop.?
A. A positive body image
B. Acceptance of possible sterility
C. The ability to test urine
D. Fine muscle coordination

Q. 28 FHR Can be Auscultated with fetoscope as early as. ?
A. 30 weeks gestation
B. 28 weeks gestation
C. 20 weeks gestation
D. 15 weeks gestation

Q. 29 Which of the following fundal heights indicates less than 12 weeks gestation
when the date of LMP is unknown. ?
A. Uterus at the xiphoid
B. Uterus in the abdomen
C. Uterus at the umbilicus
D. Uterus in the pelvis

Q. 30 Nurse's main priority in assessment while caring for the client having
spontaneous abortion.?
B. Hemorrhage
C. Sub involution
D. Eclampsia

Q. 31 Immunoglobulin present in breast milk is ___?
A. IgA
B. IgD
C. Igg
D. IgM

Q. 32 Which assessment finding would be the most unlikely risk factor for respiratory
distress syndrome.?
A. Second born of twins
B. Chronic maternal Hypertension
C. Neonate of diabetic mother
D. Neonate born at 36 weeks
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Q. 33 A characteristic of infants and young children who have experienced maternal
deprivation is.?
A. Extreme active
B. Tendency toward overeating
C. Proneness to illness
D. Responsiveness to stimuli

Q. 34 When elevating the Head of an infant in a Spica cast, the nurse should be aware
that it is important to ___?
A. Place folded diaper at the edge of the cast
B. Limit this position to 1 hour at a maximum
C. Raise the entire mattress and spring at the head of the bed
D. Use at least two pillows under the shoulders

Q. 35 When vomiting is uncontrolled in an infant, the nurse should observe for sign of
A. Tetany
B. Acidosis
C. Hyperactivity
D. Alkalosis
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Q. 36 The most critical factor in the immediate care of an infant after repair of cleft
lip would be to __?
A. Prevention of vomiting
B. Maintenance of a patent Airway
C. Administration of drugs to reduce oral secretions
D. Administration of parenteral fluid

Q. 37 A 6 year old child is admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. An immediate
priority in this child's Nursing care would be.?
A. Rest
B. Nutrition
C. Exercise
D. Elimination

Q. 38 The most important Nursing intervention for a 3 year old child with diagnosis
of nephrosis is ___?
A. Encouraging fluid
B. Maintaining bed rest
C. Regulating the diet
D. Preventing infection

Q. 39 If a child develops cyanosis early during a tonic clonic seizure. It is most
appropriate for the nurse to.?
A. Observe without intervening
B. Insert an oral Airway
C. Use a padded tongue blade
D. Administer Oxygen by mask

Q. 40 One of the major behavioral characteristics of children with attention deficit
disorders is their ___?
A. Continued use of rituals
B. Overreaction to stimuli
C. Retarded speech development
D. Inability to use abstract thought

Q. 41 The most serious complication of meningitis in young children is __?
A. Epilepsy
B. Communicating hydrocephalus
C. Peripheral circulatory collapse
D. Blindness

Q. 42 To continue bleeding in a child with hemophilia A, the nurse would expect to
give ____?
A. A Fresh Frozen plasma
B. Factor VIII Concentrate
C. Albumin
D. Factor II, VII,IX,X Complex

Q. 43 With The diagnosis of Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALC) the nurse should
consider it unnecessary to Observe.?
A. Marked fatigue, Pallor
B. Enlarged lymph nodes, spleen, liver
C. Marked jaundice and generalized edema
D. Multiple bruises, petechiae

Q. 44 An 18 months old is to receive 1000 ml 5% Dextrose and Normal saline Iv in
24 hours. The drop factor of the minidroper is 60 gtt/ml. The nurse should regulate the
IV to run at ___?
A. 42 Drops per minute
B. 38 drops per minute
C. 34 drops per minute
D. 21 drops per minute

Q. 45 A common finding in most children with Cardiac anomalies is.....?
A. Delayed physical growth
B. Cyanosis and clubbing of fingertips
C. A family history of Cardiac anomalies
D. Mental retardation
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Q. 46 A child undergoes heart surgery to repair the defects associated with Tetrology
of Fallot. Postoperatively it is essential that Nurse prevent ___?
A. Crying
B. Constipation
C. Unnecessary movement
D. Coughing

Q. 47 A child is to receive a blood Transfusion. If an allergic reaction to the blood
occurs, the nurse first intervention should be to ___?
A. Call the physician
B. Stop the blood Immediately
C. Relieve the symptoms with an ordered antihistamine
D. Slow the flow rate

Q. 48 The most prevalent nutritional disorder among young children is iron deficiency
Anemia. A major reason for this in young children is ___?
A. Blood disorder
B. Lack of adequate iron reserves from the mother
C. Introduction of solids early for proper absorption
D. Overfeeding of milk

Q. 49 A 10 year old child is Diagnosed with lymphocytic thyroiditis. The nurse
should explain to the parents and child that the condition is __?
A. Chronic
B. Difficult to treat
C. Inherited
D. Probably Temporary

Q. 50 A 9 year old has fractured femur and full leg cast has been applied. The nurse
should immediately notify the physician if assessment demonstrates. ?
A. A pedal pulse of 90
B. An inability to move the toes
C. A cast that is still damp and warm after 4 hours
D. An increased urinary output

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