Staff Nurse Exam Modal Question Paper pdf -2

Download Staff Nurse Exam Modal Question Paper pdf -2 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam like AIIMS,JIPMER,PGIMER,GMCH,DSSSB,RRB,RUHS,BHU,AMU,SCTIMST,KPSC,RPSC,HPSSSB,HSSC,and All other Staff nurse exam .you can download this question paper in pdf format link given below

TOTAL QUESTION   -   50 Questioin with Answer

1.CSSM programme initiated in the year
(B) 1992✔
(D)None of these

2.Following are the major psychiatric emergencies, except :
(D)Grief reaction✔

3.The most suitable position for giving an enema is
(A)Left lateral✔
(B)Right lateral
(C)Dorsal recumbent

4.The National Filarial Control Program was launched in

5.Hypnosis is not effective in
(B)Anxiety disorder
(C)Eating disorder

6.Progesterone is normally secreted in high amount by
(B)Corpus luteum✔
(C)Pituitary gland
(D)Thymus gland

7.Weight of the non–pregnant uterus is about
(A)30–40 gm
(B)60–80 gm✔
(C)80–100 gm
(D)1 kg

8.Removal of an entire lung is known as

9.The immunization given at 9 months is

10.The neonate is cleaned in the diversion of
(A)Side by side
(B)Back to front

11.Painless uterine contractions are
(A)Hegars sign
(B)Braxton hicks contraction✔
(C)Painful contraction
(D)Oscianders sign

12.Nurse should act as
(A)Care giver
(D)All of these✔

13.Which of the following is cardinal sign ?

14.What is the first response to the experience of frustration ?
(C)Intense effort
(D)Use of diverse strategies

15.Intelligence is _______ mental ability
(C)Both Innate & Acquired
(D)None of these

16.Fertilization takes place at
(D)None of these

17.Atropine causes
(A)Spasmolitic activity✔
(B)Intestinal hyper motility
(C)Stimulation of contraction in the gut
(D)Stimulation of secretory activity

18.After the measurement of oral temperature the thermometer must be cleaned from
(B)Front to back
(C)From stem to bulb of thermometer✔

19.Micro–organisms can thrive and reproduce is known as
(A)Portal of entry
(B)Portal of exit

20.Safe period in menstrual cycle is
(A)1–5 days
(B)8–11 days
(C)16–20 days
(D)21–28 days✔

21.The ovary is present
(A)At birth✔
(B)At puberty
(C)After marriage
(D)During pregnancy

22.Organic mental disease is indicated by
(A)Flight of ideas✔
(B)Lose of memory
(D)Preservation of speech

23.Best method for spacing is

24.NACO is the programme for
(D)None of these

25.The term new–born refer to
(A)From birth to one month of child
(B)From birth to one year of age
(C)From birth to one week✔
(D)None of these

26.Which of the following constitutes specific protection ?

(A)Avoidance of allergens
(C)Healthy environment

27.A code of good manners is called as

28.Epidemiology is derived from the word
(D)None of these

29.Illusion means
(A)False perception with stimuli✔
(B)False perception without stimuli
(C)False perception
(D)None of these

30.The substance that prevent clotting of blood is

31.The commonest side–effect of the thrombolytic therapy is
(B)Acute renal failure
(C)Metabolic abnormalities
(D)Compartment syndrome

32.The legal age for marriage among girls in India is
(A)18 years✔
(B)20 years
(C)21 years
(D)19 years

33.Standards of mental health nursing practice published by
(A)Indian Nursing Council
(B)American Nursing Association✔
(C)State Nursing Council
(D)Indian Society of Psychiatric Nurses

34.Indian Mental Health Act has been passed in the year

35.What is the normal position of uterus ?
(C)Both Anteverted & Anteflexed✔

36.Movable bone in the face
(B)Hyoid bone
(D)Acrimal bone

37.Long muscular tube that connects pharynx with stomach is

38.Length of the oesophagus is
(A)30 cm
(B)25 cm✔
(C)15 cm
(D)28 cm

39.What is the major side–effect of Prozac ?
(A)Loss of sexual desire✔
(B)Loss of hair
(C)Weight loss
(D)Weight gain

40.The corpus luteum secretes
(D)Both Oestrogen & Progesterone

41.Copper–T is preferably inserted post–natal on
(A)After 2 weeks
(B)After 4 weeks
(C)After 8 weeks
(D)After 6 weeks✔

42.Operant conditioning is the study of

43.Cryptorhidism means
(C)Undescended testis✔

44.Bacterial spores are
(A)Weakly acid fast✔
(B)Strongly acid fast
(C)Alcohol fast
(D)Non–acid fast

45.The last part of the small intestine is

46.Which of the following is incorrect during care of upper jaw fracture ?

(A)Clear the air way✔
(B)Treat any wound
(C)Place hot compress over the injured area
(D)Shift the patient to hospital

47.Bells palsy is a disorder of which cranial nerve ?
(A)Cranial nerve–IV
(B)Cranial nerve–VII✔
(C)Cranial nerve–IX
(D)Cranial nerve–XII

48.Normal duration of cardiac cycle :
(A)0.10 sec
(B)2 min
(C)1 min
(D)0.8 sec✔

49.Which is not a therapeutic communication technique ?
(C)Automatic response✔

50.Which types of surgery is performed through spinal anesthesia ?
(A)Lower abdominal surgery
(B)Pelvic and perineum surgery
(C)Lower extremity surgery
(D)All of these✔

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