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Download Staff Nurse Exam Modal Question Paper pdf -7 with Answer

Staff nurse exam Modal Paper is Useful for nursing students who prepare for staff nurse Recruitment exam like AIIMS,JIPMER,PGIMER,GMCH,DSSSB,RRB,RUHS,BHU,AMU,SCTIMST,KPSC,RPSC,HPSSSB,HSSC,and All other Staff nurse exam .you can download this question paper in pdf format link given below

TOTAL QUESTION   -   50 Questioin with Answer

1.Power obtained because of identification with the leader symbolizes:
(A)Referent power
(B)Charismatic Power
(C)Legitimatic power
(D)Co–ercive power

2.Who is acknowledged as Father of Modern Management theory ?
(A)Henry Fayol
(B)Elton Mayo
(C)MC Gregor
(D)FW Taylor

3.The term "schizophrenia" was coined by

4.A patient suffering with iron deficiency anemia should include the following food items in her diet:
(A)Nuts and milk
(B)Coffee and tea
(C)Cooked oats and fish
(D)Oranges and dark green leafy vegetables

5.Vaccination to be given after completion of 9 th month of birth is

6.The stage that designs curriculum is

7.Gluconeogenesis is decreased by

8.Thick white mucous discharge from the female genitalia is

9.Which food item is avoided in a patient with Hypertension ?
(C)Steamed vegetables
(D)Smoked sausages

10.WHO–ORS packet includes following, except
(A)Sodium chloride
(B)Potassium chloride
(C)Sodium bicarbonate
(D)Calcium carbonate

11.Kangaroo mother care means
(A)Only mother to child
(B)Skin to skin holding of Infants
(C)Only father to child
(D)It is not related to human care.

12._______ refers to the decreased psychoactive effect of drug resulting from repeated exposure.
(D)Harmful use

13.Incontinence is observed in _______ stage of dementia.

14.The absorption of the fats and glycerol takes place in the
(C)Large Intestine

15.The cranial nerve which regulates biting, chewing and swallowing is

16.The treatment therapy used for Tuberculosis:

17.What resting position should a nurse encourage for a client with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) ?
(B)Supine with knees flexed
(D)Lithotomy with head elevated

18.What should nurse conclude that a client is doing when making up stories to fill in blank spaces of memory ?

19.Normal head circumference of a New Born:
(A)33–35 cm
(B)50 cm
(C)40–50 cm
(D)20–25 cm

20.Which regulatory body is associated with registration of nurses in the state ?

21.Antiseptic methods were first introduced by
(A)Lord Lister
(D)Edward Jenner

22.Principles of IV drugs administration is
(A)Should dilute before administration
(B)No need for dilution
(C)Do not have flush volume
(D)Should not administer IV for children

23.Which assessment finding is associated with diabetic ketoacidosis ?
(A)Sweating and Tremors
(B)Hunger and Hypertension
(C)Cold, clammy skin and irritability
(D)Fruity breath odour and decreasing level of

24.Which method is used to open the airway in a road traffic accident victim ?
(A)Flexed position
(B)Head tilt–chin lift
(C)Jaw thrust maneuver
(D)Modified head tilt–chin lift

25.Administration of measles vaccine to child is a measure of
(B)Health promotion
(C)Specific protection

26.Just before beginning blood transfusion, the nurse assesses which priority item ?
(A)Vital Signs
(B)Skin Colour
(C)Urine output
(D)Latest Hematocrit level

27.To diagnose dysthymia, the mood disturbance should last for at least
(A)6 months
(B)1 year
(C)1½ years
(D)2 years

28.An intravenous (IV) site is cool, pale & swollen & the solution is not infusing. Which complication has occurred ?

29.Tools of measurement in epidemiology are
(D)All of these

30.Which size of needle is used to give IM (intramuscular) injection?
(A)18–20 gauge
(B)22–23 gauge
(C)25–27 gauge
(D)5–7 gauge

31.The length of the uterine tube is approximately
(A)5 cm
(B)15 cm
(C)10 cm
(D)20 cm

32.A patient requires rapid transfusion of several units of blood. Which device is used to prevent cardiac dysrhythmias?
(A)Pulse Oximetry
(B)Cardiac monitor
(C)Infusion controller
(D)Blood–warming device

33.EBF is
(A)Effective Breast Feeding
(B)Efficient Breast Feeding
(C)Exclusive Breast Feeding
(D)Exclusive Bottle Feeding

34.To administer IV fluids, to the children, the nurse should know
(A)To calculate the fluid requirement
(B)To do the physical examination
(C)To take history
(D)To calculate the oxygen level

35.Features of good unit planning are
(A)It should be comprehensive.
(B)Its aim should be clear & well.
(C)It provides place for beginning and ending.
(D)All of these

36.Causative organism of diarrhoea in AIDS patient is
(A)Rota virus
(B)E. coli
(D)Streptococcus aureus

37.Which one of the following conveys the acceptance of the patient exactly as she/he is?
(A)Reducing physical force
(B)Realistic relationship
(C)Use self understanding
(D)Talk with purpose

38.Examples of House fly borne diseases are, except
(D)Trench fever

39.Main principle in neonatal resuscitation
(A)Only Airway
(B)Only Breathing
(C)Airway Breathing and Pulse
(D)Only Pulse

40.Tuberculosis is a/an
(A)Water borne disease
(B)Air borne disease
(C)Food borne disease
(D)Arthropod borne disease

41.A plan showing the placement of students in theory and practical area is called
(A)Master rotation plan
(C)Clinical rotation plan
(D)Lesson plan

42.Which of the following is an example of neurotransmitter?

43.Which of the following may increase in pregnancies complicated by anemia in the second trimester?
(A)Urinary tract infection
(B)Preterm birth
(C)Gestational diabetes
(D)Pregnancy – Induced hypertension

44.Referring the patients main thought as he expressed:

45.Which model states that most frequently occurring behaviour as normal?
(A)Ideal mental health

46.Safe Disposal methods of Bio–medical waste exclude
(A)Collection and segregation
(B)Transportation and storage
(C)Classification and treatment
(D)Disposal techniques

47.What is the principal erogenous organ in women?
(B)Labia majora
(D)Labia minora

48.Weaning should start from the month of
(A)7 th month
(B)6 th month
(C)8 th month
(D)12 th month

49.BFHI means
(A)Breast Feeding Home Initiative
(B)Breast Feeding Hospital Initiative
(C)Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
(D)Baby Friendly Home Initiative

50.Formula to calculate the degree of Nutrition for 4 year baby:
(A)As per BMI
(B)Age in years × 3 + 4
(C)Age in years × 2 + 5
(D)Age in years × 2 + 8

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